In June 2018, the total user base of Instagram surpassed 1 billion, Statista reports. The same research says that users from the USA are the most engaged. More than 120 million of them are monthly active subscribers. Though Instagram is a subsidiary of Facebook, its interaction rate is 2% higher, and 75% of users visit brands’ websites after seeing posts. Instagram is the king of brand promotion. Let’s figure out how to use it to boost your business. For the professional app characteristics review, check out Instagram app at

Study The Market

To start from scratch, you have to create a Business Instagram account to reveal a bunch of options for enterprises. Before filling it with the info, you must develop a detailed strategy.

  1. Define Audience – similarly to traditional SEO, Instagram promotion requires demographic research. It should include demographic statistics, such as age, gender, and concerns. It’s also important to analyze habits and hashtags they use.
  2. Set Objectives – you have to determine a feasible objective for your account and set a time frame. You can choose to boost your brand awareness across the country or drive subscribers to have conversations upon related topics. Both ways may work out for different businesses.
  3. Know Your Rivals – there’s always a company that applies a good Instagram strategy in any field. You should examine accounts in your niche to pick up useful features and to have an idea of what you can do better.

Create Content Strategy

Instagram Business account must keep the audience engaged with exciting and, what is even more important, regular content. recommends you to keep posting even if it seems that nothing new happens in your company. To create a Business Account, you have to register and email, go to your profile settings and tap “Switch to business profile.”

  1. Create Content in Advance – imagine that your account is an editorial office. All traditional sources of information like newspapers and magazines always have funds of quality continuously actual articles to fill in gaps. Your business account must have a similar fund to maintain uninterrupted posting flow. You also must have a calendar of posts to avoid posting frequency reduction. It’s always better to make more appearances than to keep silence.
  2. Rubricate – think of key topics that you can highlight in your posts and divide them into threads. Alternation of topics will attract a more diverse audience and keep users engaged.
  3. Establish Content Guidelines – it’s all about style and tone of voice in captions. There is no unified formula, but your images and texts must follow strict rules. You must define brand hashtags, suitable emojis, image filters and styles, appropriate vocabulary, etc.


Now you have actual information about your target audience and a set of ready relevant posts, so you can begin posting and promoting your account. It’s essential to do both things simultaneously to avoid zero-feedback.

  1. Pay For References – this way may be unavailable for low-budget startups, but it’s better to borrow money. References to your business account on pages of promoted businesses and experts is the best way to get a fast start.
  2. Track Progress – you must register outcomes of every promotion investment to evaluate it and correct future strategy. Built-in Instagram analytics provide comprehensive reports for business accounts.
  3. Collaborate – no matter what your business is, you can always find opinion leaders of your realm and offer them to cooperate. You can create text posts, videos, stories or IGTV events (masterclasses, interviews, etc.) to engage users and attract new subscribers with quality content. According to Zine, 80% of opinion leaders use this network for collaboration with brands. recommends this method as a traditional way to boost user base and gain trust.


Presence of your business on Instagram is a necessary condition. This app is the most significant source of visual information, so the proper use of its tools may lead to a substantial conversion rate growth and a revenue boost.

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