CBD is becoming more popular than ever before, but there’s still a lot of confusion regarding how much CBD you should use and when you should use this substance. In this guide, we’ll provide you with some information on the best types of CBD products that are currently available and give you some tips on how to use this cannabinoid throughout the day.


Determine your CBD needs

Before you build out a daily schedule for ingesting CBD, it’s important to clarify your expectations. Different types of CBD products provide different results, so fully understanding your CBD needs is an essential part of finding your ideal dosage.

Oral CBD products, for instance, might be best if you simply want to use CBD once a day and you don’t mind the lack of control and reduced potency that this product category offers. Similarly, topical CBD might be your top choice if you have localized pain or another condition that only affects a particular part of your body.

If you want to experience the full power of CBD and gain total control over this cannabinoid’s unique effects, however, CBD hemp flower is the only way to go. CBD flower is offered in a variety of different strains and types, which makes it possible to fine-tune your CBD experience until you’re a true cannabidiol connoisseur.


Start with sativa in the morning

Once you’ve decided to use CBD flower to build your daily CBD dosage, a whole world of opportunities will appear before you. Just like THC-rich cannabis, CBD-rich hemp comes in both sativa and indica options. While CBD flower contains less than 0.3% THC, the terpenes and flavonoids in hemp flower provide the same indica or sativa effects you’ve come to expect from other types of cannabis.

Your sativa CBD flower won’t get you high, but it will provide you with an energizing rush that’s great for starting your day off right and gaining the vigor you need to face the world. Most sativa-dominant CBD flower strains have bright, fruity flavors and aromas, which makes them perfect for activating your senses and preparing you to deal with the day’s challenges.


Balance your day with hybrid strains

Once your day is in full swing, you’ll want to leave the overpowering energy of pure sativa strains behind and start using hybrid strains instead. Hybrid CBD flower strains exhibit the traits of both sativa and indica genetics, which means that they provide moderate amounts of energy while also keeping you relaxed and prepared for any challenges that might land on your plate. Hybrid strains generally have mild, soothing tastes and aromas that might be reminiscent of both fruity sativas and hazy indicas.


Bring it all home with indica at night

Once you’ve dealt with all of the day’s challenges and it’s time to rest and recuperate, rely on indica-dominant CBD flower strains to get you in the zone. Just like indica-dominant THC-rich cannabis strains, indica-dominant CBD flower strains contain terpenes and flavonoids that provide soothing, relaxing effects that are perfect for spending time with your family or getting ready for sleep.

While indica-dominant CBD flower is non-intoxicating and contains less than 0.3% THC, indica hemp flower strains will provide profound assistance as you recover from the stresses of the day and prepare for deep rest. After experimenting with different ways of using CBD flower throughout the day, you might find that using a little bit more CBD in the evening is more desirable than splitting the amount of cannabidiol you use evenly throughout the day. After all, getting enough rest and regenerating properly is the key to maximizing your well-being and professional performance in the long term.


Building your daily CBD dosage: the bottom line

Most indoor-grown CBD flower strains contain 15-25% CBD, and most outdoor-grown strains contain 8-15% CBD. We strongly suggest that you select high-quality, indoor-grown flower as you explore everything this CBD product category has to offer. If you do so, all you need to remember is that every gram of indoor flower contains around 150-250mg of CBD.

If you consume around 1 gram of CBD flower per day, therefore, you’ll ingest an average of 200mg CBD, which is considered to be a reasonable dose. Split this daily dose between sativa, indica, and hybrid strains, and you’ll also benefit from the various terpene blends that each type of CBD flower has to offer.

Once you’ve started enjoying the unique benefits of CBD flower, you’ll wonder why you ever tried other types of CBD products. Start building your daily dose of CBD with hemp flower today to ingest this cannabinoid using the most effective and enjoyable method possible.