Whenever you think about opening up a business, what is the one thing that is most important? Yes! You are right. An accountant.

Without an accountant, your business is not organized. Your business will not flourish if you have a bad accountant or if you don’t have an accountant. According to a survey, the main reason of success for several small businesses is a fantastic accountant.

Now you know that you need a good accountant but how will you know whether an accountant is good enough or not? Don’t worry! Today, I will be educating you about what qualities to look in an accountant. Let’s get you started!

One-man army:

That’s right! Your accountant should be someone who acts as an advisor, as well as a business partner as well. His main focus should not be only providing records for yearly transactions. His main focus should be providing you excellent ideas.

He should be someone who acts as if he is your business partner. He should be in meetings discussing ideas on how to make your business better. Choose an accountant who is an all-rounder and see your small business grow into something greater!


Your accountant must be a professional. He must be familiar with all the new technology in order give the work, easily and in time. He must work on systems which are related to generating monthly financial statements. Not only that, but he should also provide everything, from profit and loss, balance sheet, cash flow and bank reconciliation in time.

Mostly people who opened up their business from a scratch have witnessed this that the main reason of their success was that their accountant was working professionally and they knew all about the new technology.

Think strategically:

Your accountant should have a strategic mind. He should have a work experience with a previous company so he knows what to do and doesn’t get stuck. If they have a strategic mind, they will be able to help you in making long term business plans and deals, price structure, fixed and variable costs, etc.

Small businesses which are on top now, had a strategic accountant in the beginning who was able to plan everything accordingly.


If tax is not pre planned, then you can face a lot of difficulty when it comes to saving. Most of the companies who started from nothing and are now on top believe that the strategic mind of their accountants led to a great amount of savings.

The accountants used to pre plan the tax which led them to save a lot of amount and resulted in profit.


Your accountant should think analytically about everything. If he does, he will give good advices to you and he will see things which you cannot whenever you are having a deal or launching something new.

If he does that, he would be able to tell you what to put in and what not to put in your business. Most of the companies believe that the reason why their small business flourished is because their accountants used to think analytically. And because of that, they were able to see things clearly.

Professionally and mentally active:

Most of the companies hire accountants based on their degree and their grades. What you need to do is that you need to look at their grades and their personality as well. Mostly accountants use the same methods to solve a problem which they were taught at the university. But, those accountants who are groomed and think both analytically and strategically go and think out of the box to solve a problem and learn new things.

Mostly companies who started from nothing but are something today, are of the view that you should always look for an accountant who is well educated, and thinks out of the box whenever he faces a challenge.

Loan planning:

Whenever you start a business, you always need a start-up. For that, you go to the bank for a loan. Not only when you start the business, a lot of times there is a point where you need a loan.

A good accountant is able to be in touch with the market place and the bank as well and can keep a good track of your loans. Mostly companies didn’t have to worry about the loan because their accountant took care about it!

Open to ideas:

An accountant has access to the business market and several other businesses. You should always seek advice from your accountant because your accountant is always in a position to advise you to change something is the corporate sector.

The profit or loss depends on their advice. Most companies who started from a scratch and now have a big name are of the view that whenever you are taking a decision, make sure you seek advice from your accountant and see if he is satisfies with the decision of not.

Business model:

Why do you think that mostly small business fail in the beginning? That’s because they do not focus on the right business model. If you have a right business model, it will give a boost to your business and it will grow bigger and better.

For that, seek advice from your accountant as he knows everything about your business. Your accountant will help you find the right business model for you which will help you in growing your business.

Mostly companies are of the view that one of the main reason of their success was that their accountants helped them in finding the right business model for them. Because of that, they had a goal to follow. So make sure that your accountant helps you in finding the right business model for you!

Starting a business is very risky. But, if you have a great accountant, most of your burden and risk is sorted out. You don’t have to worry if you are thinking about finding a small business accountant in Melbourne and make your business grow.

Make sure to seek all the qualities given above before hiring an accountant!