Before we go straight into the different ad formats and ad placements, we would like to explain briefly why you should have TikTok Advertising on your screen. TikTok, known as Doyen in China, now has 800 million monthly active users worldwide. Almost 30 million of these are said to be in the USA.

This makes TikTok the world’s most powerful social media platform after Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and of course, We Chat, if you want to count it. People also use other promotional tools to get visibility of your videos. For instance, they buy TikTok likes and shares to get noticed. So, what kind of advertising campaigns are available to you as an advertiser on TikTok? Let’s take a look at the current options together!


The Sponsored Hashtag Challenge is a great way to not only get a lot of impressions but, above all, to interact with the target group.  Hashtags at TikTok have a similar function as Instagram too. They mostly describe the video and are used to be found via the hashtag search. Brands repeatedly use certain hashtags and call for a challenge in which the TikTok users record, post, and provide this specific hashtag.

Of course, it is much more difficult to achieve omnipresence with a hashtag challenge if this happens organically. Therefore, TikTok offers the opportunity to sponsor these hashtag challenges. A well-known example of this is Otto’s Challenge.

In the USA at 30M monthly active users, a six-day sponsorship of a hashtag challenge should cost 150,000 USD.


The brand takeover is comparable to non-shippable YouTube pre-roll ads. When the app is opened, a graphic or animation is displayed full-screen for a few seconds.

The brand takeover costs the US $ 50,000 a day in the United States. So it is quite possible that the brand takeover in non-English-speaking countries costs a low 5-digit amount per day. Suppose you count the 30M Monthly active users with an average of 8 app log in. You get 240M impressions a day for $ 50,000. That corresponds to 4,800 impressions per dollar or just fewer than 20 cents per thousand impressions. The CPM of the TikTok brand takeover is just under 20 cents!


Lenses are effects, like a kind of filter, that are available for selected periods of time that TikTok Creator can use in their videos. For example, Nike combined a lens with a sponsored hashtag challenge.

Lenses are developed by TikTok or Byte dance themselves and cost between 80,000 and 120,000 US dollars depending on the effort.


This is basically the classic feed ad. These are shown in the full screen “native” and last between 5 and 15 seconds. The only difference compared to an organic post is a small label “sponsored.” The in-feed native videos can refer to a landing page, a sponsored hashtag challenge, or a download page. The minimum budget to run an ad is $ 50 a day and at least $ 1000 per campaign.


TikTok’s Marketing Team acts as an influencer agency and arranges relevant influencers for the campaigns. Influencers can, for example, be part of your branded hashtag challenge and help you to make the hashtag as popular as possible and to connect many people with the hashtag challenge. Influencers can do almost the same with branded lenses.

As you see all advertisement campaign requires huge bucks to gain more views, so we recommend you to buy TikTok views at very affordable price.