How to choose the best Latex Spray Gun

Paint sprayers Gun are really a useful tool in your kitty because they allow you to rapidly and efficiently cover a particular surface with paint. Paints are divided into two categories: oil-based and water-based paints, known as latex paint. Oil based paint uses petroleum-based solvent as its medium, while latex paint uses water as its medium. Until recently, you could only spray with oil-based paints, since they were thinner than latex paint, did not dry so quickly and did not clog the spray gun’s nozzle which was a negative quality of latest paint. However, with the advancement in technology, Latex paints are now being made of new synthetic resins, which are compatible with water, have a thinner consistency and are wet enough to be used in a spray gun. Today we can use an airless gun or aerosol can for spray painting with latex paint.

There are different types of paint sprayers on the market and this includes latex paint sprayers.  These latex paint sprayers are capable of providing a beautifully smooth surface -something that can be difficult to achieve with a paint roller or brush. Secondly, latex paint is better for the environment since it is non-toxic. Also, it’s much easier to clean up if you make a mistake! Finally, it’s very fast-drying so it’s a great choice if time is not on your side. As you can see, latex paint sprayers are very useful indeed!

The Blend of spray latex with an HVLP spray gun

Ample of times when you spray latex you basically would be painting the indoor of your home. However, most people go for the airless sprayer for such reasons but the best part about HVLP Spray Gun and latex spray is that unlike air sprayers that fail to give the finishing; this one can give incredible finishing in less time. Besides, HVLP Spray Gun is quite an efficient solution to apply the right type of coating to the surface. The only problem is that you need to have a slow speed as compared to the airless one for a particular project to get accomplished. If your main aim is to get a good quality of fishing then it is an HLVP spray gun that you need to choose.

Challenges you need to prepare yourself for using HVLP spray gun with latex paint

HVLP Spray Gun is used in a high volume at low air pressure. This way there are automates as in the breakup of the coating done properly. The low pressure lets you to use less paint and is quite efficient when you apply a coating to the surface of the product. But the low pressure makes it even more challenging to break the coatings that are thick. To make sure the latex spray painting is effectively done, you must consider certain things such as:

There is a high volume of air cap that is high CFM being used with the HVLP Spray Gun of high quality. This will come with a different set of the air cap and even the fluid nozzle. The volume of the air and air cap which is being used is quite high and then only it would be good to atomize the heavy-bodied coatings such as latex paint.

If you are using a turbine-driven HVLP Spray Gun them make sure it is a multistage turbine. The multiple stages turbine efficiently spray the latex paint very well.

You may also need to thin the latex paint to the adequate atomization. This can be true if you would be using the gravity-fed HVLP Spray gun. You must ensure on using the thinner that the manufacturer has advised and should see to it that thinning is done at the minimal amount which is needed for the right amount of spray.

What would be the Best Type of Latex Sprayer?

In case, you are planning to go for technical experimentation then it is always better to choose an airless sprayer. The extra paint waste will get lower down especially if the painter is an experienced one.

For first time users, the HLVP model can be useful. If don’t want to take any risk then use this option to reduce the paint wastage and even you will be able to spray the materials that are quite thin with the sprayer type such as the thin latex.

Making the usage more of the Latex Sprayer

The wand is the highly crucial accessory that you may come across with the best latex paint sprayer. Such type of wand can go to the extent of the reach of the spray gun. This way you will be able to paint the surface at the vital level without rearing the ladder.

You can also paint almost anything at home without any problem.

Few Tips on properly using the Latex Sprayer

  • It is always important to note that priming the sprayer is essential. Ensure that the spray gun is well-fitted with the right-sized tip
  • Always place the siphon tube in a dust free paint bucket that you are intending to choose
  • If you think that thinning the paint is needed then do so before you put the siphon into the latex paint

A latex paint sprayer can cover your old latex or even the flat-based paint. For fine finishing of your any project, it is always important to choose the latex paint application wisely and for better results, you can always go with HVLP spray gun.