How to Choose the Right Website Traffic Estimator to Boost Your Small Business Site

Every business needs the right direction and backing to grow. At present, a business is practically driven by the online data metrics, for it is digital technology that will be dictating the future! Evidently, your small business requires the correct digital assistance to build a strong brand presence, gaining more traffic.


Why Is Website Traffic So Essential?

A search engine like Google evaluates a site mainly based on its traffic count—the more, the merrier. Your website traffic number impacts your SERP (Search Engine Results Page) ranking as well. Therefore, if you have a website traffic estimator handy, it gets quite easy for you to measure your website’s performance regularly.

Remember, maximum website traffic = higher lead conversion.


How Can You Estimate Your Website Traffic?

You might have entrusted your site to a professional agency to run the digital marketing campaigns for you. And surely, this agency is sparing no effort in promoting your site. But the ways of driving traffic to your site are intricately varied and time-consuming.

Now, in case you are not getting enough business leads as you were promised, or the conversion rates are not at all satisfactory, what would you do?

Summed up briefly, your investment in online marketing channels does have one solid purpose of generating revenue for your businesses. As the owner, you must be aware of your brand movements online. And none can do the job better than an effective traffic estimator.


How Can You Choose the Most Efficient Traffic Estimator for Your Site?

Small or large, local or global—the website traffic estimators gauge and share the performance reports for any size and stature organizations.

An estimator could be an expert or a digital firm. But for business owners like you, it is always recommended that you hire a reputed firm to manage your website activities in the virtual space.

Consider the following factors while selecting the most suitable website traffic estimator to boost your small scale business:


Thorough Site Monitoring

Always make sure the traffic estimator firm you select has a thorough website monitoring plan, to begin with. Ideally, website monitoring includes checking your site speed and security, observing the ranking fluctuations, assuring no-spam email deliverability, etc. Keeping knowledge of the competitor sites, their latest strategies, are also a part of the plan.


Competitive Positioning

An esteemed traffic estimator agency will notify you of your website’s functional aspects compared to similar sites. While the motive is to stay competitive, a plan of action is necessary to counter issues like:

  • Increasing site bounce rate
  • Percentage of new visitors vs. returning visitors
  • Reduced landing page footprints
  • Concerns with site responsiveness
  • Data structuring
  • Expired links
  • Your monthly progress versus your competitor sites


Social Media Analysis

This age belongs to social media, and beyond doubt, your digital marketing partner is maintaining your online presence on social platforms. However, as a matter of fact, an explicit presence turns out to be futile if not supported by a predefined marketing technique, taking into account the analytics.

When you have a website traffic estimator working for your business, you are aided with detailed analysis reports of your social handles in sync with your official site. You must understand that it is not one page but an accumulated impression of your overall existence that would influence your target audience in engaging with your brand.


Day-to-Day Improvement Detection

Being the head of your enterprise, it’s not unusual for you to take an interest in your site’s daily improvement trail. Look for a firm that eases the task for you by letting you trace your business’ overall growth in some simpler manner.

To be honest, traffic is a vital component but not the only agent to make your small business flourish.


Keyword Ranking

As mentioned above, there are other facets to achieving a successful business website other than attracting footfalls. Meaningful, error-free content, authoritative backlinks, user experience, and well-researched keywords are some of the key influencers.

A qualified traffic estimator agency will not only inform you about your current keyword rankings but will also help you obtain new, high-performing keywords.


Automated Tool Tracking

The best firms submit the e-stats details via their self-developed tools that are automated and easy to use. Additionally, some companies are offering value-added services to their clients, like e-library, tutorial videos, white papers, and more!

As you tie-up with a website traffic estimator, ensure your business is not missing out on any of these pointers because all of them are equally responsible for your small business’ 360-degree expansion.