If you are tired of studying grammar and memorizing vocabulary, you should look at the best modern way of language learning. Here we tell you about the most creative methods!

Modern Methods of Learning a Language

We all know about the traditional ways of learning a language: learn grammar, memorize vocabulary, and compile sentences. Lately, other methods appeared; linguists suggest watching movies, reading books, and communication from the beginning. These ways are more interesting than traditional ones, but even movies can bore you with time.

Here comes the necessity to find new methods of learning a foreign language. You are lucky to have come across this article! We have found three modern methods of making your language learning experience more fascinating.

1.    Become a Fan

Of course, if you are a fan of the language you are learning, the process of studying fascinates you anyway. However, we are talking about more traditional ways of fans: supporters of singers, actors, football clubs, writers, etc. The desire to understand what your favorite band discusses in the interview is a fantastic motivation to learn a language.

Does This Work?

If you are not sure that becoming a fan can push you into learning, let us tell you a story. In 2019, the number of college applicants wanting to study the Korean language increased by 40% and the demand for the Korean language courses exceeded the demand for French language courses.

The reason is obvious: Korean music bands, like BTS, beat all possible records in the music industry. Most of their fans belong to the group of teenagers aged 15-20, so the desire to understand the language of idols contributes to the choice of Korean as a specialty in college.

What Are the Advantages?

Sure, you need to know the basics of the language before watching the interviews, but even the A2 vocabulary is usually enough to get a general understanding of the speech. Another advantage is that in the interviews, you can hear live speech; even the movies and series don’t represent the actual trends in the language. Besides, you don’t need to pay for Netflix to watch interviews: they are available on YouTube.

2.    Read Fanfics

Books are great, but they undergo a lot of revisions before we can read them. It means that we read pure language and not the actual speech people use for communication in real life. Fanfics, on the other hand, reflect the smallest changes and trends that happen inside the tongue structure.

Does This Work?

The essence of this modern method is the same as in reading books, so it obviously works. However, here is an example for those who still have doubts.

There was a fan story called Danger about Justin Bieber. The author was American, and a lot of fans could read the piece in original, but not everyone. In many countries, fans started to translate Danger. Juliette, a girl from France, translated the whole story into French by herself. As she wrote in the forum, she had a beginner level of English when she started, but she was able to speak fluently when she finished.

What Are the Advantages?

We have mentioned some advantages before, but there is one more: translation of fanfics can be the start of your career. Everything you translate can be added to your portfolio. For example, one of the best cheap translation services welcomes those who have the experience of translating modern stories.

3.    Become a Blogger

According to studies in Psychology, announcing our plans to someone else increases the probability that we will achieve the result by 50%. The more people know about our plans, the higher this percentage is.

This modern method works in two ways. Firstly, it gives you the motivation to learn. Secondly, you can write posts in a foreign language. The more you practice, the faster you study, so sharing your experience in posts will contribute to the process of learning.

What Are the Advantages?

Apart from practice and motivation, you have a chance to become a blogger and make your living by telling about a foreign language. You know that we follow bloggers who post useful information and language learning materials are always useful.

Of course, there are more modern methods of learning foreign languages, but these three are the best, and they actually work! If you follow the way number three and start your blog, you can share your methods of learning with others.