How to convert traffic into Sales and Leads

Converting Traffic into Sales

Marketing means finding a customer and building a target market. In order for a brand to be able to attract customers and increase sales, it must set the criteria for building and offering its product and service based on customer demand, needs and market requirements.

For a successful marketing you need to pay attention to mechanisms such as innovative products, assessing customer needs, using social media, producing targeted content through various methods such as textual, visual, audio, video and digital content.

After the marketing stage, we come to the next stage, which is how to sell and increase continuous sales. There are many different ways to increase sales that can be addressed with the right planning and policy and high converting traffic to increase sales.

What Factors Determine Successful Sales?

Sales is the measure of all your success in introducing, advertising and presenting your product or service. The higher the sales, the more successful you are in marketing and customer acquisition, and the more you can help your business stay strong.

Successful sales can be viewed and evaluated by several factors, which we describe.

1.   Definite period

Successful sales come when you sell or sell as much as you anticipate. For example, within a month, you predicted that you would sell 100 copies of your product, and if you have reached this number, it can be said that you have had successful sales at that particular time.

A certain period of time can be measured by two factors, short-term and long-term. These two factors indicate the success or failure of your business.

  • Short-term:This factor is often used to calculate your sales per month or each season. In this way, you compare your sales with the previous month or each season with the previous season, and in case of equal sales or more sales, you will continue your planning, otherwise you will change your sales plan and policies. And focus on targeted web traffic and You pay.
  • Long-termThis factor is used to calculate your income at the end of each year. In this way, you collect all your income during a year and review it and compare it with the figure that you predicted, and if you succeed, you will continue this process, and if your expectations are not met, you will change the technique and You work out your policies to make up for the loss you need next year in addition to your projected income.

2.   Sales volume

One of the criteria for successful sales is the amount of your sales in different periods, which is also compared with short-term and long-term factors.

3.    Customer Satisfaction = Increased Sales

It can be said that the most important part of a successful sale is creating customer satisfaction and loyalty. This is a vital issue for which you need to know everything about customer personality types, effective customer communication techniques, behavioral techniques, and customer behavior behaviors, and approach each customer with these factors in mind.

Techniques And Policies to Increase Sales.

As mentioned before, increasing your sales is your main goal. After attracting the customer, it’s time to sell, just as customer acquisition and marketing requires policy and strategy, for a great and consistent sale, you need strategy and policy.

What are these techniques and how should they be used?  Of course, the wrong use or lack of policy and work technique will cause your business to collapse, so you must know the correct use of these techniques and be active in using it.

4.    Increase Online and Offline Sales

With the spread and development of technology and how to use it easily, customers are moving towards using the Internet for everything, especially their purchases. So, if you are looking to attract customers and the target market, you must have an active and dynamic presence in this field.

There are several types of vendors today.

  • Sellers who are afraid to enter the online business.
  • Sellers who do not believe in online business and this method causes the destruction of traditional markets.
  • Sellers who start this business but do not care about sales and do not take it seriously.
  • The salespeople who started the online business have put a lot of focus on succeeding in this way

If you are looking to increase sales, you need to be in the last category and focus more on online sales. Of course, you should not neglect traditional marketing.

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  1. Increase sales with social media.

The purpose of designing social media traffic is powerful marketing, which has gained other applications by welcoming people from all walks of life.

Social media is now an integral part of people’s lives. People spend most of their time in these media, in addition to the services that these media provide are free of charge. These factors make the product and service providers welcome and depend on these media.