If you just got a new dog, then you might be thinking of training it to make it an obedient dog so that it follows your every command and also behaves well with you. As there are many types of dog training like teaching your dog basic commands or potty train your dog, crate training is also one of them that people like to do. They want their dog to stay in the crate whenever they want to. Like at night time or also during the day depending on the situation.

There are some basic steps that you can follow to start the crate training of your dog. People are also interested in knowing that how much time does this training takes? Well, there is no specific or right answer to this question and it differs from dog to dog with other factors also involved.

If you are interested in an online dog training course that can teach you how to train a dog, then you can check Brain Training For Dogs. You can also read this Brain Training For Dogs Review and check the details of the course. The following are the steps that you can follow to start crate training of your dog.


Get a Comfortable Crate for Your Dog

This is the first step and one of the most important steps. You want a crate in which your dog feels comfortable when it is in. This means that it shouldn’t be very compact and should have enough space so that your dog fits in it well in different positions whether in sitting or in the sleeping position. Apart from the space, it should be built from the right material as some wired crate can cause injuries to the dogs. So, first thing first, get the right crate for your dog.

Keep the Crate Where You Spend Maximum Time

The next step is to keep the crate at a place where you spend maximum time with your dog while at home. It could be your living room or bedroom. This will make sure that your dog sees the carte and may also try to get in if it wants. Don’t force your dog to get in the crate, just place it in front of him. This takes us to the next step.

Take a Treat and Place It in the Crate in Front of Your Dog

Dog treats play an important role in training the dog and teaching them new things. In this training also, dog treat will play its role. You should get a dog treat that could be dog food and keep it inside the crate in front of your dog so that your dog notices it. In order to get the treat, your dog will try to enter the crate. With this, you will also know if your dog is comfortable getting in there like if it is too small, your dog won’t be able to get in the crate. Once your dog enters the crate to take the treat, pat it, and praise well. You need to repeat this procedure.

Start Keeping Your Dog’s Meal Inside the Crate

The next step here is that you should start keeping your dog’s meals inside the carte after practicing with the treat. Every time your dog gets in there you should praise your dog.

Another thing you can do is name this training by using a word so that your dog associates that word with getting inside the crate. So, choose a word that you will say to your dog when you want it to get inside the carte. Again repeat the procedure and also try closing the door of the crate. See if your dog feels ok in it and doesn’t show any signs of anxiety, discomfort, or feels disturbed. If there is a problem or you feel your dog is not comfortable in it, don’t force it.

Practice and Repeat

You should try repeating the procedure several times a day and also try to increase time intervals while your dog is inside the crate. First, monitor your dog’s behavior then if you feel your dog is ok in there, you can also try this without your presence for some time and again monitor your dog’s behavior. Repeating this regularly will crate train your dog.