What is a Stage Plot?

In simple words, a stage plot is basically a plan which is drawn on a paper. It indicates to the band members and other people involved in making the concert happen what the band needs and where the various instruments and band members will be placed. It is basically a small plan of a type which indicates how you want your stage to look and how the band will be set up. Stage plots make life easy not only for the band but for the tech crew, organisers and other people as well.

The stage plot helps the crew of the band know where to place the gear when they are in the venue. It helps avoid wasting time as a lot of it is already planned and memorised by the band members. A stage plot is usually made before a venue for the concert is chosen. The stage plot is often sent to the venue owner so that the initial staging is already in place till the gear arrives. The stage plot also gives a good idea to the vrew of the types of instruments and gear they will need.


How to Create a Stage Plot?

  1. The first thing you need to do is create legends. Legends are small symbols which indicate the type of instrument which will be placed in a particular area. For example, the drums can be symbolised with a circle or the first alphabet of the letter drum, which is ‘D’. You can symbolise the guitar by drawing a miniature guitar or just writing ‘G’. Whatever suits you and is easy for you. There is no set rule for precedents. Just make sure you remember them so as not to mix them up.
  2. Draw the stations where each band member will be placed. Make sure to draw the stations from the audience’s point of view, not the band’s point of view. After all, it is the audience for whom the concert is being set up for.
  3. As you draw the stations and give the band members their position, start writing on the stage plot what the job of each band member is. One may be the singer, the other a guitarist, the other a pianist. Make sure you specify. Repeat the process for each band member.
  4. Once you are done with the above steps, start noting the types of equipment you will need and start counting the number of instruments you will need. Write down the number of mics you will need, soundboards, monitor mixes, guitars, etc.

Drawing stage plots is a traditional way to do so. However with advancing technology and ideas, bands need to know that they can easily create a stage plot online! It is much easier than drawing. Using Tech Rider’s online stage plot drawing, you getting an accurate drawing of legends a wide screen where you can accurately place those symbols. Every type of symbol a band member needs, it will be available.