Rodney Torres is a portrait photographer from Manila, Philippines. He is starting to make an imprint in the photography world. From doing photoshoots for engagement announcements to capturing movie posters, Rodney has taken photographs from private people to celebrities. His photography skills are high in demand in the celebrity world nowadays and for good reason.

Rodney Torres is often asked why he just started doing professional photography in the past year. However, truth be told, Rodney Torres discovered his love and passion for photography for more than a decade before deciding to turn pro. He enjoyed fiddling around with his camera and its technical settings when he bought his first Canon EOS 350D DSLR.


Rodney Torres – Education and Background

Rodney studied from one of the top schools in the Philippines, Ateneo de Manila University, located in Quezon City. He attended Ateneo Grade School from 1984 to 1992 for his elementary school. He then moved up to Ateneo High School from 1992 to 1996. Rodney joined the Ateneo de Manila University in 1996 until he graduated in 2000.

Rodney was also a varsity table tennis athlete during high school. In his freshman year, Ateneo finally won the UAAP, PRADA and PAYA championships after years of coming up short.

Torres has always been a responsible and independent person. He also served as class president while maintaining his honors status. He has always given priority to his studies and has said that whenever he couldn’t understand a particular concept, he would make it a goal to read and review that particular topic so much until he understood the topic and memorized it by heart.


Rodney Torres Photography – The Love For Photography

Rodney started taking photography as a serious profession quite late. His peers were already in the industry and had established a position for themselves. He says that he wanted to take photography as a serious career option after 2000.

After graduating, Rodney did what most of his other fellow mates and graduates did: join the corporate sector and look for a job. It was quite a normal thing to do for fresh graduates in the Philippines after all.  He was very fortunate to work for top corporations in the Philippines. Rodney first joined Coca-Cola Bottlers Philippines as a sales analyst. After which, he was transferred to San Miguel Corporation as a sales executive and handled some of the corporation’s key accounts. In 2006, after resigning form his corporate work, he opened a franchise for a leading quick service Chinese restaurant, Chowking.

He discovered his love for photography when he bought his first camera as a way of releasing himself from the stress of his tight schedule. Photography for him meant leaving behind all the worries of the world. Originally, Rodney was fascinated by travel and long exposure night photography. He and his wife loved travelling and Rodney would always sneak out ay night for long exposure photography sessions.

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