You can have the best slideshow in the room, but with poor delivery, you’re done.

If you’re lucky, you’ll get away with a couple of yawns. But most times, your viewers will show no interest at what you have to say.

So, to get them glued in, you need to keep it fun and interesting. This article shows you the best ways to deliver a world-class presentation, even in front of a tough crowd.

So let’s get to it.


Have an Outline of the Presentation

Your presentation success is down to how well prepared, you are. When you’re ready, you’ll most likely steal the show.

Some ways to make sure you’re prepared are;

  • Understanding the audience needs
  • Getting the slides flowing
  • Having the tools for the job

For example, if you plan on talking about differences, then use diagrams from

The point is to make the presentation simple and easy, for your viewers.


Start with a Story

Everyone loves a good story, and that is why it should be the foundation of your presentation. While telling the story, introduce the topic, its body and end.

Make sure to make it personal, such that it connects with the audience.

For example, if you’re presenting a health topic, share a health experience you had.

Never underestimate the power of a good story.

Have more Image and Less Text

The human mind processes image much faster, than the written word.

Use visuals to amplify your message, and not to replace text. In fact, you should only insert images where necessary.

Additionally, limit the text on each slide, it makes transitioning easier, and understanding, better. Besides, an image is worth a thousand words.


Ask Questions

For an interactive session, ask your viewers’ relevant questions that get them thinking. Your goal is to assess their level of concentration at certain points.

Even the great Steve jobs posed questions to his audience, to gauge their listening.


Add Humor

Part of being a good presenter is studying your viewers’ reactions. At some point, they might seem bored or distracted. This is the best time to crack them up with a joke.

Get them to laugh a little and break the monotony of listening. You can use Animated Gifs, metaphors, or a short story to do that. But avoid dark humor, or jokes that steer off topic too much.


Embed Videos

To get your message through to the viewers, you can insert a short video. This clip should be relevant to the topic at hand, and have an emotional appeal.

Additionally, it also gives you a short break from all the talking. And you can use that time to reset, and prepare for what’s next.

Always make sure to test out the video before playing it, to avoid any embarrassing situations. Check for things like video quality and sound.

Create Controversy

To get your audience talking, you must get creative. Do something that will create a sense of interest. That doesn’t mean that you should go overboard with your creativity.

Instead, keep it low key and simple.

For example, you can make the headline of your first slide controversial.


Keep Every Slide Unique

Each slide should focus on a specific point or sub-topic. It should also expand on the subject, and explain every detail in regard.

Every slide should also lead to the next one. That makes transitioning in the whole presentation a lot easier.

You can also add some interesting features to a slide that hook the viewer.


Do Practice

The final piece of the puzzle is practicing, before the actual presentation. A test run helps you identify small mistakes and errors while still perfects your presentation skills.

You can do a small presentation in front of your family or friends. Make sure they are up to it, and can offer positive criticism as well.


Final Thoughts

Doing a power point presentation is never an easy task, even for seasoned gurus. There’s a lot to consider and small details to perfect, especially when doing it in front of professionals.

So you must get your head in the game, and build confidence. And with the above tips, you’ll have a much easier time doing it.