Are you a person who is afraid to wear bright colors?

Do you mostly go for plain colored clothes that match with your accessories?

How do you feel about trying on some bright colors for a change?

You will look fashionable, and the colorful aesthetic will brighten up your day.

Every color has its own meaning in the fashion industry and there are designers and fashion artists who work on color themes to make a statement.

Anyone can mix and match colors to create your own style.

In this article, I will tell you ten golden rules for color in fashion and how you can dress fashionably with colors.

So, let’s begin.

What is Color Psychology?

Color psychology is a field of study to learn how colors affect your behavior and mood. You also get to learn how colors create an impression on others.

10 Golden Rules for Color in Fashion

  1. When you use colors, look at your skin tone The skin color determines whether warm or cool colors suit you. Warm colors have a tinge of red and orange. Cold colors have a slight tinge of blue in it.
  2. You need to wear colors that match your natural contrast. Natural contrast is about the contrast between your face and hair color is.
  3. Neutral colors (black, gray, white, blue, and brown) are the best choices for monochromatic outfits.
  4. Use analogous colors to dress up as it goes well.
  5. Combine (Split) complementary colors that are opposite to each other. But use accessories that make your dressing a statement.
  6. Repeat colors in your outfit at least twice otherwise it will look too random, therefore choose them purposefully.
  7. Wear no more than 3 different hues because it will give a funkier look.
  8. Neutral colors are your friends because they are easiest to wear.
  9. Accessories add personality to your outfit.
  10. Every season has its vibe. If you match your clothes with changes in season, they will look fashionable and are also functional to wear.

Colors in Fashion and their Meaning

1.   Red

Red color shows power, passion, danger, boldness, and romance. You can wear it to impress someone, grab attention, show passion and commitment at a meeting. But when using it in clothes, it is advised to use red color elements sparingly.

2.   Green

Green color shows relaxation, reassurance, new beginnings, renewal, and energy. You can wear it for a calming, feel-good effect. Green color looks great to wear for social or smart-casual events.

3.   Yellow

Yellow color shows optimism, creativity, hope, motivation, and energy. So, if you want to boost your optimism for an important event you need to attend, then wear some shade of yellow and you will feel energetic. Some studies also show that yellow increases the production of serotonin in the brain, which in turn speeds up the metabolic process in the body and cheers you up.

4.   Black

Black color shows prestige, elegance, sophistication, and also offers emotional protection. You can wear ‘all-black’ to give a mysterious appearance and make a statement or wear it during a vulnerable period to get a sense of mental armor.

5.   Pink

Pink color depicts playful, youthful, fun, exciting and feminine attributes. You can wear pink for a party or social event to tap into a more playful and fun mood.

6.   White

White color shows purity, innocence, nobility, and cleanliness. If you want to stand out at an event you are hosting, wearing white is a good choice. Also you can wear it to encourage forgiveness.

7.   Orange

Orange color shows friendliness, happiness, energy, and fun. If you want to stand out in the crowd and still want to be approachable, welcoming and friendly then wear an orange colored dress.

8.   Purple

Purple color shows mystery, regality, luxury, and spirituality. Wear purple color as accent color. Like you can wear a purple shirt with a black suit and it will look regal. But to pull off this look, be sure you’re the boss because it gives poise and strength to your personality.

9.   Blue

Blue color shows trust, tranquility, calmness, patience, and intelligence. There are different shades of blue, like baby blue color denotes peacefulness, while navy blue signifies power and depth. So, select the color carefully for different occasions. You can wear it for a job interview, important meeting or presentation.

10. Gray

Gray color shows calmness, responsibility, accountability, and intelligence. You can wear it to soothe anxiety, or when you are carrying out tasks.

11.  Brown

Brown color shows wholesomeness, stability and peace. You can wear a brown color dress to show neutral behavior and it gives the impression of intelligence and reliability.

The Best and Worst Colors to Wear on Different Occasions

  • Best Colors to Wear at Office – Green, Blue, Brown, Black
  • Worst Colors to Wear at Office – Yellow, Red, Orange
  • Colors to Wear in Moderation – Orange, Purple, White
  • Colors to Wear for Workout – Orange, Black, Grey

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