When attending church, it is crucial that you dress in a modest and morally correct way as you will be entering a Holy place of worship. In this day and age the style of clothing has changed and, of course, people do not have a problem with that. However, you should not risk offending the wrong person because people with conservative thinking still exist. Which is why you should always dress in such a way which reflects your morals and respect for the church.


For Women

  • When you attend church, people of all ages and sizes come and attend it. Which is why always make an effort to choose a decently modest outfit. Make sure that the dress or suit you pick does not show too much skin. Dresses like low-cuts or backless should be completely avoided. You should also avoid any dresses which show too much of your midriff. However, just because no skin is shown in a dress does not mean that the outfit will be bland and not fashionable.
  • Avoid wearing dresses which are above the knee and show a lot of skin. In the past, women used to wear dresses which hid even their feet. However, in this day and age, you are allowed to wear dresses which fall a bit below the knees.
  • Avoid dresses which are see-through. Again, keep in mind that people of different ages will be present. Which is why you need to wear dresses modestly.
  • If dresses are not your thing and you cannot flaunt in them, you can always choose to wear a black and white pant suit with black heels. Such suits never go out of fashion. You can wear a knee length pencil skirt with a white button down shirt and a blazer. You should check out church suits for the best range and variety of suits suitable for church. They are affordable and stylish at the same time.
  • When attending church services, make sure to choose between heels which have a 3 inch heel or lower or just choose flats. Sneakers are not appropriate for churches. Moreover, avoid wearing bright and catchy colours for shoes such as green, red, yellow or neon colours.

For Men

  • Just because the clothing standards have become lax does not mean you can attend church in your shirts and vest. Wear clothes which do not attract attention towards you.
  • Wear pressed button-down shirts, preferably in white colour. Do not wear jeans with striking colours. A black pant is the greatest choice.
  • Make sure you avoid wearing bottoms with draw strings or clippers.
  • Wear loafers, slip on shoes or oxfords. Do not wear sandals as that may come off as highly disrespectful. Moreover, avoid wearing sneakers as well.
  • Some churches do not allow men to wear hats. Make sure you ask your church or do a research on it.

Always make sure to check out your churches’ website to know whether or not they have a dress code. Its better to be on the safe side.