Online gambling is a huge industry worldwide, and it’s just getting bigger. Every year a wider array of games become available, more online casinos appear, and gamers get to enjoy new features and exciting bonuses.

However, every time a new gamer goes online to find an online casino to play on, they face a problem. How can they make sure the online casino they’re entrusting with their personal data will always respect their privacy? How can these users know that their bank details will be stored safely, that the casino is legitimate, and that the platform they’re using is completely legal?

Thankfully, most listings on popular search engines will be legitimate and trustworthy, but there are still some other steps you can take to protect yourself against fraud online.


  1. Check Online Casino Blogs and Websites

The first step is to check websites that specifically focus on helping players get the most out of their online gambling experience. CasinoBernie is a good example of this. The website not only offers advice on how to make the most of a game, and how to maximize your chances of winning, but it also provides important advice about which casino platforms to use.

Using websites like CasinoBernie, you can find lists of online casinos that have already been thoroughly vetted and examined by those in the know. When you choose a casino listed on the site, you can rest assured that it takes your privacy seriously, follows the law, and offers a good experience all-round.


  1. Check for Accreditation

Online casinos will proudly boast their accreditation, so if you find a website that makes it difficult to find, you should probably be wary. When you’re starting out and finding a casino that you want to play games on, it’s important to ensure that it is fully licensed and accredited.

Some of the most common accreditations you should look for is UKGC, the UK Gaming Commission accreditation, as well as SKATT Denmark. Malta Gaming Authority accreditation is another common one, as well as the Kahnawake Gaming Authority. Any website that boasts this accreditation will have already been thoroughly examined to ensure that the games on offer are fair and that your data is kept safe.

Accredited websites will display this information in the small print at the bottom of the website, or perhaps even at the top of the page. Check for a dedicated page in the menu that displays Terms and Conditions or describes their licenses.

Look also for seals that indicate they have been tested and audited by all the relevant regulatory authorities. The eCOGRA seal is the most common one you’ll find.


  1. Look at Online Reviews

Don’t forget to check online reviews! There are more websites than ever before that offer user reviews of online gaming sites. Avoid the official reviews on the website. They may well be real, but it’s possible to find wider-ranging reviews of casinos on official review websites.

You’ll know if the reviews are real if you find a good mix of good, bad, and mixed reviews. Any website that seems overenthusiastic is likely to be fake or paid for by the casino you’re thinking of joining.

Remember that every website is always going to have its detractors, so even if you find some negative reviews, it doesn’t mean the site should be avoided. It just means that the site is real!

So, when you’re starting your online gambling experience, remember to check real user reviews, trust websites like CasinoBernie, and check for accreditation. That way you cover all bases, and you can rest assured the sate you’re using it completely reputable.