Australia is a very well known arena for determined employment seekers. Especially it is beneficial for all the backpackers, students and the working holidayers. Bartending is one job that aptly fits for these categories of jobseekers. Whether you work in a bar or a five-star hotel, working in Australia as a bartender comes in with a lot of advantages that can boost up your career graph to a positive high.

To be a bartender in Australia, there are certain rules and regulations to be followed. The one mandatory one is the certification to get into the profession. RSA – The Responsible Service of Alcohol is the unique and the most systematised course of Australia that stresses upon the legal and the ethical sales of alcohol for the right kind of people at the right type of licensed premises. The RSA training includes a series of documents which addresses primarily to advanced level of preparation for a trouble-free practising of an RSA attested sale and service of alcohol. Therefore being a bartender would be a dream-come-true only after you pursue the RSA course which is your ticket to a better bartending career. RSA Australia is thus the most fundamental prerequisites at many states which offer the attractive bartending jobs promising an equally attractive life.

Galaxy Training Australia is one such bright platform which is ever ready to cast the limelight on those ambitious individuals who are seeking an opportunity to become the best bartender in town. GTA nourishes this dream and fulfils it by training these aspiring future bartenders and create experts out of these amateurs by giving them the niche nuances of RSA techniques of perfect bartending. Providing RSA courses like the basic, advanced and refresher ones at the comfort of your home via the virtual training means, GTA believes in going through the genuine path to reach the goal of perfection through its content that is reliable, updated and which holds a strong subject matter.

Working in Australia as mentioned earlier is like a boon for many people. But working as a bartender in Australia is similarly an advantage in itself. How you may ask? Here is GTA listing the top 5 benefits of Bartending in Australia:


Australia is one of the most visited destinations by travellers across the globe. Bartending is one such profession which does not restrict you to stick on to one place or to stay aligned with the location and the workplace limitations. Exploring a new world and getting to meet new people will widen your spectrum of benefits by giving way to more and more opportunities. Staying social and well connected always comes handy in Australia as it is, as said earlier a big small world with a huge pool of opportunities waiting to be grabbed by the champions who reach the goal even before others are preparing for it. Plunge it and come out drenched with jobs all over.


The minimum wage for a bartender in Australia is 15 to 16$ an hour. This is excluding the tip after which your wage may increase till 20 to 25$ per hour. Though tipping is not a compulsory act in Australia, customers end up paying an average of 2 to 3$ of tip for each of their visit to a bar. This kind of extra money will help the students who are in Australia with a student’s visa and are here to make extra money to fund their education and living. This also proves beneficial to the backpackers who are here to explore the country through their eyes and on their own terms.


Stressed with work? Go hit the beach. Fed up of beach parties? Go to the rainforest and go high on O2. Australia gives ample opportunities for you to unwind from the work pressure which is quite a casual scene with bartending jobs. Busy weekends, extended night shifts, overnight serving and disturbed biological clock syndrome; very less family and friends time to add more. Australia gives plenty of options for the bartenders to chill and replenish their senses with its varied locations and quick getaway points which are better to be explored than spending time as a couch-potato, binge-watching a series at home. Nature beckons at Australia to go out and be selfish to pamper yourself.


The country has a prosperous economy that has shown stable growth. It is the 13th largest economy in the world with the 10th highest per capita income. At 5% the unemployment rate relatively low.  The country provides the highest minimum salary even for casual employees. The country also has some of the best-mentioned health cover benefits which make Australia one of the best places for any employment opportunity. Being an RSA certified bartender is like finding a fixed place for yourself in this amazing country of multiple benefits. Great salary, amazing incentives and tips to add to it; was there anything else you were looking for?


Australia has some of the coolest variants of visa which suits every person who is here to visit the county or work here for a better living. Jobs like the backpackers, part-timers and the temporary staff are found in abundance. We do find backpackers who work as a bartender at night to aid his/her passion to travel during the day. Students who wish to make extra money to make ends meet work as a part-time bartender only if they above 18 and are RSA trained. The temporary bartenders are either here to follow their passion or try their hand in something new which can give them pleasure with a heavy pocket. Australia issues visa to the non-Aussies who come in search of an opportunity to make money which they choose to explore the country in a more satisfying way to self-respect.


About the author:

Samara Robinson was born and raised in Canberra, Australia. She is a mother who loves cooking and binging over a book with a bowl of popcorn. Her love for language and colours has made her write on varied topics like from food to fashion, gardening to parenting and health to partying. She is a trained dancer and a singer with an acquired taste towards dramatics and tribal art forms. She now works for Australia’s leading RSA and RSG training company Galaxy Training Australia as a Creative Content Developer with her extensive experience in the field of Online Marketing.