At the time of preparing a new presentation, be it for business, education or any other topic, there are many presentation tools available in the market. Some of these with innovative animations, effects and ways to present. However, PowerPoint is still the preferred tool and a major player in the market.

Preparing presentations requires time, not only design time but also time to define the outline or presentation structure, define what we are going to present and of course rehearsing. Sometimes, you may already have a clear idea and the ability to develop this in PowerPoint. In other cases, that inspiration may be lacking and there is only one blank slide left over without leaving the site. In these cases, it is worth knowing there are PowerPoint templates in the rescue.

I think this is the main alternative if you are without creativity or just do not want to create your presentation from scratch. Another good way is to see slide models ready and 100% editable. There are many resources online available for anyone who wants to download a presentation template for their projects.

  1. Find Templates in PowerPoint
  2. Rely on PowerPoint templates resources like
  3. Use Search Engines to find PowerPoint templates online


I will explain how to arrive in each of these presentations.

A final place that can also help you to have an impeccable presentation is in sites that sell models of ready presentations.


Find Templates in PowerPoint

The simplest way is to use the File -> New feature in PowerPoint to find an appropriate template for your needs. PowerPoint offers an interface to search for online templates in their repository and automatically open it in the editor so you can start editing the placeholders and prepare your final presentation.

You can find some good templates using this approach. There are many different categories and template types to choose from, for example if you are preparing a presentation on Education you can narrow your search by Educational PowerPoint templates. It could be possible you need to find an abstract background, that in most cases are suitable for a broad number of presentation cases.

The process is very simple and you do not have to lose yourself. Just create a new presentation file. To do this, click on the File tab and select the New option. In addition to the standard blank slide, here you can see a series of themes and PowerPoint models. In the previous example you can see 12 options. By choosing one of them, you can define its color among the options offered by the pattern.


Professional PowerPoint Templates providers

Preparing a business presentation not only requires accuracy in your numbers, facts and an effective way to share your ideas, but also a professional design that accompanies your ideas and helps to deliver the message to the audience.

In the look for PowerPoint templates, there are some highly reputable websites providing professional services. is one of the available sites in the market. It has been proven by 65,000 customers around the world and has a vast repository of presentation templates for a wide number of presentation purposes.

Once you become a registered user at, you can log in and search by keywords to find the template you need. Once you find the template you want to use, click the Download button and the .pptx should start downloading to your local computer. You can opt to have a 4:3 or 16:9 presentation file. Depending on how you want to present the slides to your audience and the capabilities of your project.

You can also narrow your search by tag or categories. It does not have much mystery. You just have to choose and take advantage of the ready templates. Obviously, after choosing, you can make any modification you want, without problems or difficulties.

For example, if you are preparing a slide to present a specific deadline or date and need to find reliable counters for your presentations, you can browse for date counters on SlideModel and get a time clock PowerPoint template like this.

With a few clicks you can customize the date and change its colors in PowerPoint to produce a customized slide for your presentation. Moreover, you can copy and paste only the graphics you need into your existing presentations and save time instead of creating this from scratch.


Find PowerPoint Templates Online

Alternatively, you can also search for PowerPoint templates on search engines. Be it Google or Bing, or even DuckDuckGo, the search engines can help you to locate a presentation template ready for use, or at least give you some inspiration on designs that you can use for your presentations.

Finding 100% editable templates can help you to save hours of manual time. Instead of preparing a presentation from scratch, you can rely on pre-designed slides where you only need to change the placeholders and adjust the colors to match your corporate visual identity. This is not always possible to achieve simply by finding free presentation templates, although there are good ones.


Other sources of inspiration

Sometimes your problem is not with the model or to find editable templates, but to get some inspiration and creativity. In cases like these, you can always rely on different sites focused on graphic design, like Behance or Dribbble, or even Pinterest can help you to find some good boards having presentation slides with a creative background, colors and styles.