Traditionally, hotels are regarded as classic, cozy, expensive, travel retreats where you relax while on your tour. However, things have changed. The hotel industry has witnessed radical changes that are making things less expensive. Thus, you don’t have to overpay for your hotel booking. With the right tips, you can get a good deal in hotels Edinburgh and save hundreds of dollars. Here are the tips to help you secure a good, affordable hotel deal in Edinburgh.


Price Alerts from a Reliable App

With a reliable price alert app, you are able to compare prices of different hotels right on your phone. Plus, such apps provide details such as dates, price drops, and special discounts—helping you nail that good hotel deal. So, signup with a dependable hotel price alert app and secure a good Edinburgh hotel deal.


Credit Points can help you

A good number of credit cards will offer you bonus points for either signing up with them or spending. Use these points when purchasing your hotel room. So, before planning your next trip to Edinburg, contact your bank and establish the types of credit cards that score more bonus.


Membership Discounts

Join travel organization. They are the best when it comes to getting membership discounts.

Pro tip: You can join the AAA which covers hotel and car deals or purchase an ISIC card (for students). It will help you save hundreds of dollars on hotel accommodation.


Go For Last Minute Deals

There are many websites that offer information regarding last minute deals on hotels in Edinburg. Take advantage of these sites. They can save you up to 60 percent. However, it’s important to note that you might not get the type of room you want with last minute deals. But if you are comfortable to take the risk, go for it. It can save you lots of money.


Ask for Special Deals

You can also consider calling or emailing the hotel representatives and ask them whether they have any deals. At worst, they’ll repeat the deals on their websites. At best, they may offer you a price reduction. So, don’t be afraid. After all, you are out to get a good hotel deal.


Consider Searching for Coupon Codes

Coupons are not regularly offered by hotels. However, you can search for them. Some Edinburgh hotels offer these codes for third party booking sites. This can also secure you a good Edinburgh hotel deal.


Midweek and Offseason—the Best Time to Visit  

Travel during midweek and offseason to save more Weekends are peak hotel periods. So, if you are able to avoid these days, it will help you save more and get better deals. Plus, most Edinburgh hotels offer discounts during the weeks. The best part: Most hotel facilities are not strained during the week. So, you have all the time to enjoy the spa, restaurant, and pools.  Moreover, during the offseason, most hotels aren’t occupied. So, getting discounts on rooms is possible.


The Bottom-Line

You don’t have to spend huge amounts of money for your stay in Edinburgh hotels. Learn how to secure good deals and save hundreds of dollars. The above tips are all you need and make your stay in Edinburgh cost effective and enjoyable.