Sometimes, many successful people find it hard to obtain a visa for western states, because it takes time, money and a lot of paperwork, and sometimes risks for political chaos or social conflicts in the homeland are too high and the need for future insurance is very acute, as people want to secure a stable future for their and their families. Over the years, citizenship, particularly in a Caribbean country has evolved into investment options for the future, since investors can have two passports that enable them to work, travel and invest in more areas of the world that you could previously imagine.

Each country of the Caribbean has its own costs and differs slightly in requirements, but all of them as a whole have the same benefits and offer excellent solutions for those who are looking to obtain second citizenship and passport. Below you will find the major benefits of these options:

1- Speed

The Caribbean islands offer two main programs one of them is the Real estate investment program and the second one is the governmental contribution these programs offer a quick and simple route to citizenship. In most cases, the applications are approved within three to four months following the date of submission, which is quicker than most other citizenship programs which usually take around six to twelve months.

2- Cost

Dominica has the lowest cost option at just a minimum of 200,000 US Dollar for a real estate program and investing in a minimum of 100,000 US dollar in a government contribution, you can also obtain St. Lucia’s passport by purchasing a property with a minimum investment of 300,000 US dollar and by investing in a minimum of 100,000 US dollar in an economic investment program.

3- No Requirement to Reside

Most of the countries have no minimum stay requirement; Antigua and Barbuda requires a minimum stay of 5 days in 5 years, which can be simply achieved by taking a short holiday vacation during your first five years as well you can enjoy the country’s beautiful landscapes and nature. You can get Antigua and Barbuda citizenship by investing two programs one of them is Antigua and Barbuda citizenship by investment real estate option and by government contribution option

4- Visa-Free Travel

With the Caribbean passport, you are will have the freedom to travel to more than 130 countries, and the list of its visa-free countries is ever increasing. St. Kitts and Nevis, for instance, allow its passport holder to travel to 152 destinations worldwide, Dominica 137 destinations, St. Lucia 145 destinations and Antigua and Barbuda passport will allow you to travel to 150 destinations.

5- Full Family

The government of the Caribbean countries allows the main applicant to include their spouse, dependent children and dependent parents. Dependent children can be included up to the age of 30 years old in Grenada, Dominica, and St. Kitts and Nevis which is perfect for families with older children, who would not be accepted in other countries.

6- Lifestyle property

You can simply gain the citizenship of any of the Caribbean countries by investing in an approved real estate options or donate to the government funds, in most cases these real estates are shares in a hotel or in a tourist resort. Many options come with the few weeks’ usages for the owner each year, which is perfect for clients who are also looking to have fun in the country they have invested in.