Wondering how to get more followers on instagram? Keep on reading.

Instagram is a popular social media choice for many artists, it is also a great place for the artist to reach new audiences and tap into mobile users’ radios since a large number of online users nowadays use their phones through the Internet.


This is a great performance for your art, but the best way to achieve this is to risk your Instagram account. The following is to be created … which many artists struggle. Why? Mainly planning, due to lack of continuity and not using the right tools / strategies to increase follower count.

With this blog post, I look forward to helping you, and you provide tools and strategies to help you get 1k followers on instagram.

All of them have been tested and tested and you have been proved to help your followers grow without any delay. Now it determines how often and often you apply these strategies, will determine how quickly you will get results.


Your follower number will not increase overnight, but will get faster results than some others. As Instagram has more than 130 million users and is the top photo-sharing community in the world, seeing this can be a very powerful marketing tool for businesses, if properly contacted.

According to Studumododo, 65% of the people are visual learners. This means that whatever photos you post on Instagram, whether it is odd, product promotion, etc., will be understood by two or thirds of those who see it. It provides a great platform for establishing relationships for businesses, interacting with customers, and promoting revenue from product promotion. We also recommend buying followers from sites like Lunarviral.



The simplest and easiest way to start increasing your follower base is to announce this on other platforms on than Instagram. Some areas to declare this:




Email list


Signs and posters (physical location)

Product (physical)


When we first launched our Instagram, we were able to get a small follower base by announcing it immediately.



It’s fastest way to get followers on the showroom budget. We increased our Instagram 876 followers in less than 2 weeks. It seems as easy as it is to increase relevant images and your follower base to your industry. For example – we had an average of 1 follower an average of 20 ‘likes’ (which took only 30 seconds to complete). The reason for this is that it is very effective that you are connecting with similar ideology and very relevant people when people like companies of their pictures, they have their profile (which is effective profile text and a website link), the traffic is betterMake them look like), look like their pictures and follow them.



I’m sure that you’ve heard it saying, “quality over quantity” first applies to this same concept on Instagram. Nobody likes to follow those people who fly their feed with a ton of hard-accepted photographs. In fact, I personally go to ‘IG Spree’ by posting 5+ photos in a single day. When you post a photo, make sure that It is relevant for you to represent and what you do, and make sure that there is something that people want to interact with.



Contrasting with Instagram 81 comments per second, looking at 575 likes, it is safe to say that people would appreciate 709% more comments than any reason because they get a comment in 7.09 likes. Therefore, if you take the time to leave an honest, positive comment on someone’s picture, then you will greatly increase the likelihood of being a new follower.



It takes some time to become a pro-hash-tagger. First of all, you should know which common hashtag is used for your industry, then you should learn who is effective and who hashtag is a waste of space. The easiest way to do this is to find out that the professionals are tagging all. See that they use the hashtags to get thousands of likes and then apply to those that are relevant to you.


Currently, the Top 10 Instagram hashtags are as follows:













Although it is good for followers of 10 and only 50 people have to follow, but it is good to follow people relevant to your industry. It is important to remember that social media is a two-way street. People will interact with you, so it is important to help you with the help of the following people you can expand the cycle of influence through interaction. For example, if I was following 50 people and had 10k followers, then I would continue to live with only 50 people who I am following. Now, if I was following 1,000 people and followed the followers of 10, then I would like to open up to more than 50 people to interact with 1,000 people and open the relationship – therefore, I will get more contacts on my posts And the chances of people sharing my posts will increase.


  1. GEO-TAG

It’s good to see those who want to see where and when you are – this is why geotagging has given Instagram another great feature. When you tag the location of the photo on your ‘photo map’, then it enables people to present where you currently (whether you are in the band on touring, retail outlets, etc.) and helping improve More personal relationships with your fans.



Tagging people are one of the most effective ways to get started. Whenever our music company, Flight Drummers, is about to do an event on tour, launch a new product or discount membership, we have a graphic designers together to create a effective picture, then it will be done in all our artists and sponsors. Therefore, it will show up on their pages, but usually, they are repost it and tagged us in it, hence, our promotions to gain quicker traction.



Filters allow regular pictures to make fans interesting and more attractive. Here are the top 10 Instagram filters:













Once you have the perfect picture, its time to post at the right time when it comes to social media, the time is everything which means that the rule still applies to Instagram. We have found that the most effective time to post is from 4 pm to 5 pm on Thursdays and Saturdays. We received 81% of our comments within the first 5 hours. Therefore, if you post later in the day, remember that after 5 hours, the chances of constantly commenting are going to decrease dramatically! You can check out Lunarviral for more information.