Through generations, the construction of models, delighted and inspired many, regardless of age. No matter whether the heart beats for sailing ships, helicopters or space ships. But, models from the military world have always enjoyed great popularity. Already a century ago, tiny toy soldiers were very popular toys. Nowadays, we often find these historical toys in antiquarian shops and museums.


More than just a collection

Contrary to the times when model building was limited to the reproduction and painting as close to the original as possible, many of today’s models are remote controlled and offer great entertainment value. RC tanks with constantly improving technology ensure that modern model tanks move like their big siblings.

A remote-controlled tank it is not just like a typical vehicle model that can be steered through the countryside. These model tanks can offer more or less what the originals can do – fight. The “fighting“ is of course only a simulation and nothing is to be damaged or destroyed. There is no harm for people nor for tanks themselves.  The high-quality models, such as the Tiger tank, move on solid metal chains. They maneuver elegantly through difficult terrain and often shoot up to 25 meters. They also have smoke and sound effects.


Which model tank to buy

People who are interested in RC tank models, they usually already accumulated a specialized knowledge about tanks. Such hobbyists come to the RC tank shop with the intention to find their favourite tanks. It may be, that the customer would like to reproduce certain conflicts and tank duels, then he chooses appropriate opponents’ combinations. However, the decision which model to choose can be overwhelming as there are hundreds of variants to choose from. There is many criteria that can help you in the buying process. You can choose a model from modern ones, popular ones, depending on the epoch they come from, features they have, or you can just choose specific model. What is a big help, is the fact that shops which sells tank models, are owned by professionals and huge enthusiasts of tanks model building. For example, at RC Panzer Depot you can ask for support and the staff will help you to choose the model you are looking for.


The ideal platform for military model fans is the ideal portal for military model fans who value details or simply enjoy remote-controlled tanks. The shop is well sorted and gives interesting background information to the stories of the individual models. In addition to RC tanks there are many accessories and also rarer models, such as the landing boat LCM 3, which transported the British Sherman tank in World War II to the coasts of Normandy. Anyone whose interest has now been aroused should definitely take a look at the range of Sherman tanks.