How to Get Rid of Bloating With Fewer Efforts? – 6 Easiest Home Remedies for Bloating 

Do you often experience abdominal pain, associated with a swollen belly, abnormal belching or flatulence? Bloating is commonly experienced by all of us at some point and sadly, it not only causes discomfort but also makes us feel awkward since it shows up in the form of an enlarged belly! 

The good news is that following some simple home remedies for bloating and making some simple lifestyle changes can help you get rid of the gas pretty much easily. However, knowing the cause might help you get rid of it forever! 

Scroll down through the list of some common causes of bloating to know your cause followed by some of the best home remedies for gas in the stomach.


What Causes Bloating in the Stomach? – Know Your Cause! 

Indigestion – Excessive consumption of alcohol, consistent usage of pain relievers, anxiety, depression, overeating, stomach infections, Gastro-esophageal reflux disease (GERD), Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) can all cause indigestion. 

Symptoms of indigestion, other than bloating are abnormal burping or belching, nausea, acidic taste and pain in the upper abdomen 

Pregnancy – Bloating during pregnancy is not a problem to worry about since it naturally occurs due to the excess release of the hormone progesterone. 

This causes your intestine muscles to slow down in terms of their movement, thereby slowing down the entire digestion process.

Menstruation – Bloating during the menstrual cycle occurs due to fluctuations in hormones –  progesterone and estrogen. This causes water to retain in the body, thereby resulting in bloating. 

Apart from these, women also experience symptoms like acne, backaches, cravings, mood swings, cramps. headache, fatigue, and tiredness. 

Carbonated Drinks –  The effervescent nature of the carbonated drinks causes the gas to get trapped in your intestine, which leads to bloating. 

You can replace carbonated drinks with some fresh fruit juices or herbal teas to prevent bloating. 

Lactose intolerance – Those who cannot digest lactose (a sugar) present in dairy products like cheese, milk, butter and yogurt experience the symptoms like bloating, nausea and abdominal pain. 

Lactose intolerance is due to the lack of production of lactase – an enzyme that has to break down the sugar. 

Constipation – A person is said to be diagnosed with constipation if he/she experiences less than three stools in a week. Lack of fibre and water content from the diet, physical inactivity, stress, excessive consumption of dairy products, pregnancy and hypothyroidism are the common causes of constipation.

Certain foods – Some foods rich in fibre may cause bloating among people who are not used to consume them more often. 

Foods like lentils, beans, cruciferous vegetables, carbonated drinks, wheat, Onions, dairy products, garlic, barley, and Rye may cause bloating.


Quick & Easy Home Remedies for Bloating – How to Relieve Bloating Fast?

Here’s to a quick list! 


  • Indulge in Any Physical Activity


A sedentary lifestyle is one of the causes of indigestion. Research and studies suggest that physical activity can help in the elimination of gas from the small intestine. 

Yoga poses like ‘The Frog Pose’, ‘The Cat-Cow Pose’, ‘Downward Facing Dog Pose’, ‘Child’s Pose’, ‘Seated Spinal Twist’ ‘Bridge Pose’ are some of the best poses that will help you get rid of the unwanted gases. 


  • Enjoy A Warm Water Bath


Treating yourself with warm and soothing water can ease the discomfort and make you feel refreshed. Warm water baths can reduce abdominal pain and soothe your tender and sore belly.  

Also, bloating caused due to stress can be relieved since warm water baths have a positive influence on both mental and physical uneasiness. 

Soak yourself in fragrance filled water tub for 15-20 minutes after a long work. 


  • Get rid of Sodas and Alcoholic Beverages 


If you have to get rid of bloating, you have to get rid of carbonated drinks. The carbon dioxide gas in them gets accumulated in your intestine which further leads to bloating and discomfort. 

Alcoholic beverages, particularly wine has yeast in it which is the major cause of bloating. 

Also, drinking beer is known to show a similar effect since it releases more amounts of carbon dioxide into your body.

You can replace sodas and alcoholic drinks with a glass of plain water since it eliminates unwanted toxins, maintains a sodium-potassium balance and also keeps your digestive tract running efficiently. 


  • Eat Little Quantities at Regular Intervals 


One good way to give your stomach a bloating relief is to balance your food intake by consuming food in minimal quantities at regular intervals of time. 

This gives your stomach, enough time to absorb the nutrients from the food and help in better digestion.

Eating a heavy meal leaves you bloated as gas is produced during the process of digestion, thereby causing abdominal pain, abnormal belching and flatulence. 


  • Avoid Swallowing Food & Avoid Using Straws to Drink Fluids


Simple habits like improper chewing or usage of straws can result in bloating! Eating too fast or swallowing the food quickly allows more gas to enter your stomach which gets trapped in the gastrointestinal tract.

Also drinking the fluids through straws allows gas to accumulate in the stomach. For those who are already suffering from bloating, it is best advised to avoid using straws for drinking beverages. 


  • Cut Down Too Many fibre-rich Foods from Your Diet


It is usually recommended to increase the intake of fibre to get rid of digestive problems like constipation and bowel irregularities since fibre helps in a smooth and easy bowel movement.

But, fibres are not easily digestible which results in the formation of gas as a by-product in the gastro-intestinal tract causing pain, bloating and discomfort. 

The recommended intake of fibre per day is 25 grams per day. 

Following all the above-mentioned home remedies for bloating and keeping a check on your fibre intake is the best way to say goodbye to your discomfort!