Time to frame your eyes- Fashion glasses, a funky accessory

Fashion glasses are setting the hotness parameters high when it comes to adding some drama and a fresh appearance to your face. Want to come up with some new looks to inspire the oodles or thinking to give yourself some new accessories to leave people awestruck? You can opt for a pair of glasses to look fab and this won’t even cost you a big fortune. 


In just a snap of fingers, eyeglasses can help you in pulling out a perfect look. While buying frames with prescriptions or plain there are frames majorly made up of  two materials that are booming 

  • Acetate frames
  • Metal frames


While acetate frames have alluring looks and are coming in so many designs. Metal frames are simple but getting upgraded to keep up with the 21st Century. Keep scrolling to know more about the fashionable metal glasses.


How fashion glasses in metal are marking their charm

The metal frames are made of titanium, copper, and other alloys such as steel to give you stellar looks. 

  • Elegance: Metal frames won’t ever bog you down because the elegance they bring with them is one of a kind.
  • Timeless: One of the oldest frames and date back to ’60s where they had a distinct appeal and are still maintaining their legacy. Some of the famous personalities like Steve Jobs, John Lenon have always worn round metal glasses. 
  • Comfortable: The metal frames have a minimalist look. Just a sleek fine metal wire along the lenses to give you a perfect face and desirable appeal.
  • Classics: The simple metal frames are classic in their own way. These frames never fail in impressing the legions. When you are someone who wishes to maintain a low-profile look, a pair of metal glasses can ease your job to trend with a classic pair.
  • Low-Maintenance: The prints on the acetate frames can fade with time but your metal frames are a timeless saga. The metal frames are easy to maintain and will be your buddy for a long time as there is nothing to fade away on these frames.
  • Light-weight: As light as a feather. The steel looks are just for show. They are light and durable so that while keeping fashion in grips you do not feel a strain on your nose area.


So make them your fashionable prescription glasses or wear them plain for the sake of fashion. A retro look is guaranteed for sure with these metal frames. While so many materials are available to make metal frames and look alike but there are some distinguishing qualities of titanium glasses that are making them shine brighter in the frame’s galaxy. And you should know why  


  • Ultra-lightweight: Titanium is 40% lighter than other metals.
  • Flexibility: Frames made of titanium are more flexible than other metal frames.
  • Less Hypoallergenic: Many metal frames are made up of Nickel which yields many allergies and reactions but titanium metals have been reported with no such properties.
  • Corrosion-resistant: The problem of corroded surfaces of metal frames also gets solved by the use of titanium. 

Therefore buying Titanium glasses might seem like an investment but these are worth investing. As putting some little more pennies will get you a better metal frame that you can enjoy for a bigger span of time too. 


Have a look at some chartbuster fashion glasses that are all metal


Round metal glasses: Round frame types are the “Golden frames”. So why not to amalgamate round style with metal frames? 

  • Oversized round metal glasses: Want to have a vintage feel? This feel is assured with the oversized frames. The retro vintage vibes will get revived every time you’re going to wear them. You can have them in double-bridge pattern to meet some more fashionable desires. 
  • Oval-Round frames: For a simpler look you can go with these frames to have sleek frames for amplifying your looks. 


Metal square frames: While trying out some new variants, trying out geometrical patterns in metal will help you a lot. So leave a hip vibe by wearing square metal frames.


Aviator metal frames: The design that has been a hit in the sunglasses world is here to frame your eyes as a prescription or plain glasses.


Try some nuances of gold and silver: Get a glimpse of some eye-catching contrasts with gold colour or some gunmetal colour frames. 


Wanna get a pair of fashion glasses ?

Metal frames are flexible, funky and an all-time hit. So if you too wish to buy metal frames as your new designer prescription glasses then we know a premium eyewear store- Specscart. Britain born eyewear brand that is the new buzz of the town because of its modish frames coming at premium prices.