The US is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world, but it’s also, a place where most people desire to seek employment as well as do business. With that in mind, the US provides different visitor visas to cover both touristic and commercial purposes. There are different types of visas which allow managers to transfer their companies to a USA company that deals with relatable products and services. With the USA business visas, individuals can negotiate contracts, settle estates, consult with US business associates and attend a conference, business, and educational events among others.

One of the main benefits of US business visas is that you can establish business relationships and visit the US as much as you want for business.

But how do you get the visa? Here is a step to step guide of the visa process.


Hire an Immigration Lawyer

Now that you understand all about the L1 visa and the requirements you must fulfill to get it, you should hire qualified US immigration lawyers in London like Solutions in Law, who will guide you through the process and increase your odds of getting it. Your attorney will conduct an intake process, which will determine if the L1 visa is suitable for your needs. Hiring a lawyer will not only help in reducing any risks, but also helps you save time and money.


Preparation of the Necessary Documents

Once your lawyer has confirmed that the visa is right for you, it is time to fill in and compile the required documents. The documents should prove that you meet the requirements for getting the visa. For example, they should verify that you have worked in the foreign country for some time continuously, your company is relatable to the US company that you wish to merge with, that you are the manager or CEO of the mentioned company just to mention a few requirements. These documents include;

This is just a general list, and you should note that there are other essential documents that they will expect from you and that you should expect from them.



Visa Processing

After filling in the documents and proving that you are a qualified candidate, it is time for the process so you can get the actual thing. Your immigration lawyer should guide you through this process to ensure that you are on the right path. S/he will prepare and file the l-129 for on your behalf and include all the supporting documents on the petition. Upon the approval of this foam, you have to submit other documents together with US Consulate abroad together with your notice of approval. Do not forget to include your passport.

On visa approval and issuing, you are ready to move to the USA and start working with the US company. An L1 visa is an excellent option for those who wish to move from foreign countries and work in the US or transfer their company to a related company in the country.

Obtaining a US business visa in London is not a complicated process but ensure you get the help of US immigration lawyers in London to avoid making reckless mistakes. Also, make sure you follow the right channels to prevent losing your visa altogether. The paperwork is also very crucial and needs to be filled adequately. An attorney should help you through the process.