Exhibiting your brand at a popular trade show is very serious business. Most importantly, its what you portray to the world regarding your business that eventually becomes your brand image. Since trade shows are extremely crowded, most attendees or potential leads will not really have the time to visit each booth individually. Even if they do try and visit each booth, chances are that they will only remember a few most attractive, unique and innovative ones.


Why Choose a Custom Trade Show Exhibit?

The reason why you need a custom display is to be attractive enough for all attendees to pay a visit to your booth and to be unique enough to be remembered by every one of these individuals. When you plan on attending a trade show, the most important thing to remember is to carefully and strategically display everything about your brand. Alongside of maximum display, you also need the booth to be unique, attractive and appealing to potential customers or leads. The only fool-proof method of achieving both of these together is by opting for a custom trade show booth where you can present your business in any way that you prefer. You can design each detail of your booth yourself and with the help of trained professionals, you can bring your imagination to life and stand out from the rest of the crowd. This way, you can easily make maximum benefit out of attending the trade show exhibit.

A custom trade show booth will allow you to gain complete control over the look of your business that is portrayed to the world. From the booth’s overall design and layouts, to the overall outlook and the features of the booth can all be controlled and micro-managed by you. By customizing your booth and making it your own, you can end up with an effective trade show booth that will allow your brand to gain the attention it deserves and easily generate a higher return on investment from the trade show exhibit.

A well-designed, clearly branded trade show exhibit will have a lasting impact on the reputation and returns gained from your brand. Since your design will include many eye-catching features as part of an innovative overall design, customers will be intrigued to discover more and possibly invest into the operations of your business. By having this competitive advantage, you can be on your way to becoming an industry leader and gaining the highest returns from the trade show exhibit.


Steps to Personalize Your Trade Show Booth Design

When a brand thinks about investing into a custom trade show booth, the first thing that comes to mind is a high cost which is almost unaffordable. However, the key to creating a successful customized trade show booth design is by finding the perfect match between what you want to portray and your budget. Here are some simple steps that will cover the whole process of achieving the best custom trade show booth design:

  1. An Effective Briefing

Before you start physically designing the trade show booth, it is important to communicate all your goals to the designer and carry out a detailed discussion regarding the choices that you have. The best way to do this is by having one or two main goals that easily be portrayed with your design, without adding too many complications that may get confusing in the future. Most commonly, people tend to achieve reliable lead generation, overall brand awareness and successful product launches with their trade show booth designs.

  1. Define Your Priorities

A trade show booth design can have as many elements as you can imagine. However, it may not always be a wise decision to integrate too many that don’t successfully portray the goals of your brand. When it comes to trade show booth designing, your money should only be spent towards the designing elements that are most essential and you should be flexible enough to cut off any unnecessary frills.

  1. Get Personal

Since there’s no one who knows more about your brand than yourself, its time to bring what you know to the table. Integrating some pictures, videos and future goals that are well associated to your brand can help customers know more about what you do. Appreciating your competitors designs from the past can also be a successful way of attracting new leads towards your brand.

  1. Tell Your Story

With your trade show booth design, you must be able to tell a great story about your brand. While a literal story would be great too, you can also choose to be innovative and try to tell your unique story through new kinds of visuals such as back-lighted walls and impactful graphic designs.

  1. Design Properly

Trade show booths can be all about luck. If you’re generally lucky, you may get a spot in the middle where the lighting is good. However, if you’re bad on luck, you may end up in a corner where there is barely any light. Similarly, your flooring must also be attractive and give off an elegant look. We would personally suggest that you opt for wooden flooring which is much easier to maintain throughout a busy day. Investing in such elements is necessary to ensure that the basics of your display are well-intact.


Choosing the Best Trade Show Booth Designers

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If you’re looking to hire a custom trade show booth designer for your next exhibit, RCS Custom Exhibits can offer a unique and attractive booth design that perfectly enhances the image of your company, make use of only high-quality equipment throughout the production process and even provide their unmatched services on-site to ensure that there are no problems faced throughout the tradeshow.