Many businesses focus on the latest technology like CRM, financial management tools, project management tools, online training tools, etc. but forget a vital component of a business; customers. Customer service is as important as the other technology tools. 

Improving your customer service can rank you above your competitors, as good service leads to high sales and customer retention. Good customer service makes it easier and cheaper to acquire new customers from referrals.

Customer experience is the center of business, involving branding, customer satisfaction, and customer loyalty. Good customer service is cheaper as it turns satisfied customers into brand ambassadors, which other forms of advertisements cannot.

The most important channel to improve customer experience is live chat. A business that enhances live chat to engage customers is likely to boost customer satisfaction. Live chat can 

help you interact more and build a strong relationship with your customer.


How to improve customer service experience using live chats?

Live chat reduces response time.

Customers don’t like to be kept in limbo- they want instant response. When they get an instant response, they usually get delighted.

In most cases, customers leave an online transaction if their queries are not addressed appropriately and promptly. Your customers can get frustrated when they wait too long for support representatives.

These frustrations are no longer there with live chat because they deliver a real-time response. The live chat service improves customer experience by lowering the queue and having proactive conversations.


Live chat improves team productivity.

Live chat can have a significant impact on your business. It allows you to connect with your customers instantly and offer them solutions without much struggle. With the live chat tool, you can automate tasks meaning you can have some extra time to provide better customer service, thus raising your customer experience.

When the customers get an instant response, they will be satisfied, thus improving their experience.

With live chat, you can track, view, and monitor your agents, making them active and effective.

Live chat increases customer engagement. 

When customers visit your website, they want to be engaged because they want to know no more about your brand’s upcoming updates or sales. When customers are engaged, they can be addicted to your brand, making them loyal.


Live chat boosts customer satisfaction.

Over 73% of customers would like to get a response to their queries immediately, according to g2crowd. Customers prefer live chat support because it provides real-time customer service. With live chat support, agents can pinpoint the issues with speed and improve the standard of service. 

A customer who gets instant feedback handles requests instantly or knows that someone is working on their request will leave satisfied. These can be done with a live chat.


Integrate your CRM with the live chat platform.

Integrating your CRM with the live chat platform allows you to store customers’ data like their names, phone numbers, etc. This information can be useful in your sales process or market research, and it will help you create a solid and lasting bond between your business and your customers. 

With CRM integrated, you will provide clients with information that suits them; thus, they will feel valued and understood.


Be quiet and listen

Occasionally, chat agents focus on offering solutions to customers ignoring listening to their needs. If you want to improve customer experience, be attentive to customers’ needs.


Follow up with customer feedback.

If you check a customer survey and get any information about a customer, use it. If you realize they experienced a problem that took some sometimes to solve, send them a follow-up email.

They get back to you and use their feedback to better your service. Customer feedback is the most effective way to improve customer service via live chat.

Bettering your customer service is one of the best ways to increase your business growth. Because through this, you will raise your brand awareness, boost customer engagement, increase agent product, etc. 

Also, live chat is likely to make your customers happy, keep them loyal, and make them buy your products.