Social media engagement refers to metrics such as likes, comments, shares, views, and so on.

If I may ask you, how many of those are you getting on your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram posts? Like most users, I’m guessing you will say “not so much”.

Well, to be candid, engagements are hard to come by on social media. As easy as it is to like a photo or comment on a post, users are so engrossed in the pool of content they find on social media that they find it distracting to stop and react to “one” post.

For you, as a content creator, knowing how to get social media engagement is important, especially if you’re planning to become a social media manager someday.

Someone might ask then: so how do the ones who get engagements go about it?

The secret is they make their posts too fascinating to be ignored.

If you too would like to get more engagements on your posts, then you need to make your posts too good to be scrolled past.

Read on to find out how.

  1. Post content that are witty and humorous

If you need more engagements on your posts, then you need to start delivering witty and entertaining content – something that users will want to watch again and again.

Some time ago, I came about a funny meme posted on a brand’s IG page. I enjoyed the witty comments in the video so much so that I had to like and send them to my friends.

The key to getting users’ attention on social media is giving them something entertaining. Trust me; when you do, they will surely like, and share your posts.

To create witty posts, you just need to come up with wits, puns, or trolls that relate to your Industry.

See how Chase used wit to catch viewers’ attention:

See another one from Taco Bell:

I can imagine how many girls will share this with their boyfriends in a bid to troll them.

  1. Initiate conversation with your audience

Another way to drive engagement on social media is by outright engaging your audience – that is, asking them a question or posing a quiz they can’t resist responding to.

Usually, these sorts of posts or approaches drive comments.

See an example:


  1. Post rare knowledge

Every industry has a rich list of “Did You Knows”. Research your industry to come up with a boatload of ideas, discoveries, and facts that your audience may likely never have heard of.

The good thing about “Did You Knows” is people are always eager to share them. If the discoveries/facts are really fascinating, you can bet that you’ll get a ton of comments, likes, and shares on the post.

To make the posts more attention-grabbing, you can put them in an infographic format – social media infographic are known to resonate well with users.

See an example:

  1. Promote user-generated content

The reason user-generated content work is because people love attention. As a brand, when you ask your followers to send you photos or videos of themselves doing something relating to your brand, they’ll be happy to follow through with it because they know it’s a chance to appear on your brand page.

A good example is asking your followers to use a product of your brand, and then snap and send a photo of themselves to you. Or sharing reviews/feedback from clients.

This sort of content will surely result in tons of comments and likes.


  1. Try AMAs (Ask Me Anything)

AMAs are known to drive engagement of the comment sorts. If you’re a brand you can use AMA to get your fans and customers talking to you. It can help figure out what they really feel about your brand and services. And it can even give rise to a lengthy discussion on your page.

For individuals, AMAs can help keep the comment flowing on your social media pages.

  1. Host contests and giveaways

As far as engagements go on social media, you can never go wrong with contests and giveaways.

You can use both to drive engagements to your channel by using them as the criteria for which followers enter your contests and giveaways.

For example, you can ask followers to like a photo, comment on a video, or reach a total number of likes/comments to qualify for a giveaway or enter a contest.

  1. Schedule your posts

Engagement on social media is a function of the time of post.

If you post when your audience is not online, the chances are high that you won’t get many engagements.

The success of all the previous six tips we’ve mentioned hinges on how well you apply this tip.

Therefore, first find out when your audience likes to come online, and then time your posts to go live around that time.

You can use tools like Instagram Insights or HubSpot‘s social tool to find out the time of day your audience likes to come online. Once you find that out, you can then use tools like Kontentino to schedule your posts to go live around that time.

Other uses of Kontentino include Facebook ads management, Insights and reporting, social media planning and collaboration, and lots more.