An aircon is essential if you live in Singapore. It’s hard to live in Singapore without a properly functioning air conditioner thanks to the tropical climate.All this is because the aircon comprises a significant appliance for home as well as the office in Singapore. For this, you need to close the first task of choosing and buying an aircon that is suitable for your home/office. Once you choose to buy an air conditioner, you need to look for a professional air installer. This is because you cannot get the air conditioner installed yourself unless you’re a professional.

Discuss with an experienced professional service about rental chillers. They can guide you concerning which air conditioner can work best for you. However, before you plunge to choose a service, have a plan as follows.

Determine what your requirement

Your home and office are likely to have a different amount of air conditioning. Check if you need a server as well.

Have an air conditioner maintenance schedule. This will help you manage unexpected failure. If you schedule it, you won’t have to wait for the service personnel to come and work on it.

The area of the part where you’re planning to install the aircon

The effectiveness of the aircon is dependent on the size of the room. Thus, the kitchen is warmer than in other parts of the home. Therefore, you need to install an air conditioner with a higher BTU rating.

Make sure the service works with the construction team

If construction is going on, and you wish to get the installation of the air-conditioner done, make sure they work within the parameters of your requirement and cost.

Look for a professionally qualified and experienced service

The installer should have enough experience in working in the industry that you’re in. This will help choose the right kind of air conditioner for your office/business.

Schedule the installation properly

If you’re planning to get an air-conditioned installed in your office, the best thing is to schedule the work such that there is little or no disruption in daily business. You can ask the service provider to come on weekends. Thus, you can avoid disruption.

Alternatively, you can choose a service provider that offers service on an hourly basis according to size, quality, brand, and budget.

To accrue optimal results from the aircon, choose the right air conditioner in terms of size, quality, brand, and budget. Take time if need be.

The installation of the air conditioner is likely to include the cost of installation and a few additional expenses include offers, upgrades warrants. Considering such multiple numbers of offers help save from paying heavily in case of some unexpected hitches develop.

Consider a service that offers all the related services

When installing the air-conditioning at your office or home, consider the quality of their servicing, cleaning and top up services for the air con. From this, you can decide whether they are worth to hire. This is because instead of looking for a service from time to time, it is economical to choose a service that offers all the related services. This will help save time and money.

Once you decide the aircon installation service, you need to negotiate with them concerning price, the time for the installation project and closing. This you should do with due consideration for quality, consistency in service quality and proven experience. If you choose to hire a quality service, they will install your aircon and will continue to offer post-installation service in future. Therefore, choosing a service and continuing to accrue services from the same from time to time is the best option. It will avoid the hassles to contact the service from time to time.


Whether it is your home or office in Singapore, getting an aircon installed is a bit tricky issue. You need to consider things from multiple angles. Though there are many services for aircon installation, it is important to choose one according to your need, locality, the type of accommodation where you need the aircon and the cost. Once you determine the type of aircon, where to install and decide the budget, you can move ahead. Take the help of word of mouth from friends, relations, colleagues. Research on the Internet and look for reviews of the service. All this will help choose the best service to get the aircon installed.

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