Success in installing stone cladding depends not only on the quality of the material itself, but also on the way the work is carried out. For assembly, we should use a special fastening agent which corresponds to the conditions outside or inside the building, depending on where the system is installed. How to install stone cladding step by step?

Cleaning the surface

When considering how to install stone cladding, you need to ensure that the substrate is thoroughly prepared. It must be installed on a clean surface. If you plan to install on an existing concrete wall, inspect it thoroughly and remove any dirt. There must be no paint, loose dirt, waxes or oils on it. The purpose of cleaning the wall is to ensure, in particular, that the cladding adheres well. Any dirt weakens the bond, which leads to a loss of bond between the wall and the cladding.


Before you figure out how to install stone wall cladding, prepare the plan. Stone is a material of very different structure and colouring. The individual elements may vary more or less from one another, which is only visible once they have been laid on the surface. There are no two identical elements of stone cladding, but this should be considered as an advantage and a huge value of this product. Before starting the proper assembly work, lay the elements out in the open air. Take a look at each of them, see how they differ from each other and in what configuration they will best complement each other. You can match them with colour and shade, but also with shape, size and texture. Create the configuration that suits you best, then you can proceed with the installation of the cladding.

How to install stone wall cladding? Use the right adhesive

Assemble stone cladding using a proper adhesive, which is designed for this particular material. You can choose from a wide range of products, however, those from experienced and recognised manufacturers are always the most trusted. And how to install stone wall cladding if you already have chosen the adhesive?

The stone, just like the surface, needs to be well cleaned of dust and free dirt. Use a notched trowel to apply the adhesive. Apply it to the substrate to obtain a thin but evenly distributed layer. Apply cladding to the substrate and press it down. Remove excess adhesive immediately with a sponge to prevent it from drying. When the surface is ready, leave the stone for about 24 hours until the adhesive is completely dry and the substrate is well bonded to the cladding.

Already know how to install stone wall cladding? (how to install stone wall cladding). But do you know how to take care of it and lengthen its durability? You need to further seal the cladding, which should be done using penetrating sealants. This ensures the longevity of the surface and protects against moisture and water penetration.