Kids are vulnerable whenever they go online on their smartphones. Parents worry because the internet consists of good as well as bad sites that are inappropriate for kids. They want to restrict drug-selling sites, adult porn sites, sports betting, or online gambling sites that are illegal to be accessed on kid’s phones. That is why they use the screen time app to limit the screen time on their kid’s smartphones. Many parental control apps have screen time features, but the best among them is FamiSafe. This application has an inbuilt GPRS system that can track the location of a kid’s smartphone. Not only this we can also check their incoming and outgoing messages, call logs, and interactions on Facebook messengers or Whatsapp conversation without letting kids know about the spying activity as this app will work in hidden mode on kids’ phones.

Features of FamiSafe app

  • Less file size: – The application file size is less, so it consumes less space on the kid’s phone. Thereby making extra space for other useful apps.
  • Works in hidden mode: – FamiSafe app works in stealth mode, which means that it becomes completely invisible on kids’ phones. Parents can get instant notifications from their remote parent device from a distance.
  • Compatible with Android or iPhones: – If your kids are using an android phone, this application can easily be downloaded from the android play store. FamiSafe app is available free of cost for trial purposes. In case your kid is using an iPhone, this application is also available on the apple store.
  • Inbuilt GPRS system:- This application can track the live location of kids’ phones using the inbuilt GPRS system. The information shared by this application is 100 per cent accurate and precise. That is why it is used by private detective companies as well.
  • Limit the screen time on the kid’s phone: – Some kids have a habit of playing online games on their smartphones. They spent their valuable study time which can eventually affect their performance in the examination. That is why parents limit the screen time on their kid’s smartphone using the FamiSafe screen time app.

The benefit of using the FamiSafe app

  • Restrict or block adult sites or app: – Parents can impose restrictions on adult porn sites or illegal sites like drug selling, sports betting, or online gaming sites easily using the FamiSafe app. They can grant access to good and informative sites on kid’s phones using the FamiSafe app.
  • Protection of kids from kid’s kidnappers: criminals threaten-Rich parents for the kidnapping of kids. Kidnappers use kids as an easy target to get the ransom money. In the condition of not getting the money they often kill or murder the child. Hence protection of kids becomes extremely important. Using FamiSafe, we can track the live location of kids, especially when they are returning from school or college to ensure the safety of kids from kidnappers.
  • Protection against Online social bully:- FamiSafe application has inbuilt suspicious photo sharing instant notification features that enable parents to stop them immediately from their remote parent device. Kids make friends on social media very easily without even knowing the true purpose of friendship. Taking advantage of this many cybercriminals blackmail or bully our kids on social media. They do this for getting their criminal motive complete from our kids. We can protect our kids from these cyber criminals by blocking them immediately using the FamiSafe app.

How to download and use the FamiSafe screen time app?

The FamiSafe screen time app can be downloaded from Google play, apple store or amazon from the direct link which is given below:-

Google Play:

App Store:



FamiSafe is the best screen time app that can secure our kids online. This application can enable parents to check their search preferences, browsing history, and impose restrictions on bad or inappropriate sites so that it becomes inaccessible on their phones.