Starting a brick-and-mortar business starts with a business plan that sets out your goals, mission, and future vision for your business. It is very likely that the cost of burglaries is not included. Theft is part of a business insurance program. Law enforcement agencies report that 34% of burglaries occur in retail businesses.

What to do when preparing for possible theft and how it will affect your bottom line? The best method to keep your brick-and-mortar business safe from intruder break-ins is through security technology. Modern security features are very user-friendly, cost-effective, and are common sense investments.

Let’s look at security products that are industry-leading solutions to prevent thefts and break-ins:

Door Locks

Door locks for commercial businesses help to guarantee security for all entranceways. Technology has introduced keyless or electronic entryway locks that are popular secure features.

Door locks like the barn door lock with fixtures that feature tubular drive-in bolts installed inside the jamb are a popular choice. Invest in padlocks, deadbolts, and interchangeable cylinder locks.  Modern-day door locks are available for all door types. Door lock fixtures are important for business owners.


Break-ins can occur because the landscape around your business provides protection for burglars. For example, thick bushes or trees growing around the exterior of your brick-and-mortar building provides coverage for criminals.  Clear your windows and doorways from various types of plants or trees.

Alarm Systems

Installing an alarm system on doors and windows is an excellent line of defense.  If a burglar attempts to force open a door or a window, a loud screeching noise is emitted. This alerts law enforcement and security services of an attempted break-in. Technology allows store owners to receive alerts directly to their smartphone devices.

Security Cameras

Whether security cameras in a brick-and-mortar business are visible or not, they are a great deterrent to crime. CCTV cameras (closed-circuit television) help provide businesses with capturing attempted break-ins, a photo of the criminal, and audio recordings.

If a criminal knows that there are surveillance cameras on the premises, this gives them a second pause. Shop owners can also enjoy the technology of viewing their business remotely.  Security cameras are a great defense both when your business is open and when it is closed.

Wireless security camera technology allows business owners to get good footage anywhere and on most mobile devices.

Lighting Fixtures

Proper lighting is one of the latest security features popularized by homeowners and business owners. There is a myriad of security lighting features, especially with motion-sensor technology built-in. Security lighting can be customized to cover whatever areas you feel provide the most protection.

If anyone or anything steps foot near your business without an invitation, they are instantly illuminated in bright white lights.  These features can give burglars a second thought especially late in the evening or at night.

They help to save money on energy bills because they automatically turn off and on.  For clear visibility from the outside, security lighting fixtures feature a hard casing, many are engulfed in a cage-like structure so that burglars can not break them.

Remember to install security lights in areas that are not always in clear view.  Areas that are somewhat obscure are how burglars attempt to gain access to the inside of your business.


If you are a small business owner with a cautious budget, then installing bars is a helpful security feature.  A small brick-and-mortar business can simply affix bars to the front of doors and windows.  Technology is great, but sometimes it is not in your budget.

Attaching bars to entryways makes it harder for burglars to break.  Burglars like to break in, grab, and run. But when they encounter bars on your establishment, they don’t hang around because it would take too long and raise suspension

It Takes a Village

Business owners are counting on customers to keep their doors open.  Security can also come in the form of your neighbors.  Local businesses can begin a community watch plan to help keep their community safe.

Break-ins have a huge impact on a business’s financial outlook, plus this horrendous event causes stress on the owners and its employees.  Burglary events can also damage a business so drastically that it may not be able to stay open.

Securing a business against break-ins should be among brick-and-mortar owners’ highest priorities. The various hardware systems identified above are proven methods that help. They are solutions to protect your products from theft both during and after store hours.