Getting a job in the first place is one thing, but keeping that job is another thing altogether. You’ve put in the hard work job hunting, sending out resumes and attending interviews. Finally, you’ve landed a role. The goal now should be to keep your job and not risk losing it to someone else.

In this post, we’ll take a look at some tips on how to keep your job and not forfeit it to the next hungry job seeker.

#1 – First Understand Why You Wanted the Job

This is about your attitude towards your job role and how you feel about working for this particular employer. If the only goal of getting the job was to make money to survive, then you could end up having some problems down the track.

What many people refer to as ‘survival’ jobs are jobs that you take just to get the money coming in until you find something that suits you better. While searching for survival jobs is totally understandable, chances are your heart is not going to be in the work or the business who employs you.

Even if it is just a survival job, your employer has given you a go and still deserves your best effort until you find the role you do want.

#2 – Show Respect By Being Punctual

Showing up for work on time each day should be the norm. Occasionally something may happen that makes you late, but 99% of the time, there’s no reason you couldn’t arrive at work on time.

If you find yourself a little late each day due to traffic or whatever, make a point of leaving home 10 minutes earlier. No boss likes tardy employees. Not only does it take time away from production, but it also comes across as being disrespectful and simply not caring.

Too much tardiness could lead to getting fired. The same could be said for employees that always want to leave work early.

#3 – Everyone Likes Working With a Team Player

Unless your job position mostly involved working autonomously, chances are you’ll be employed as part of a team to get the job done. As a team member, it’s essential to be a team player, meaning each worker helps each other out throughout the day.

There’s no room for selfishness in a team environment, as this causes bitterness and dissent rather than harmony and productivity.

If you focus on being a positive team member, everyone will enjoy working with you and you’ll enjoy the job that much more.

#4 – Seek Help Finding the Right Job For You

Possibly one of the most important things that’ll help keep you in a job is liking your job. In other words, job satisfaction. A key path towards achieving job satisfaction is to seek out and land a job role that you do actually want.

Professional employment services can help you with this.

When it comes to job providers, Australia has many options, whether it be private employment agencies or a government-funded employment services provider, such as your local Jobactive provider.

Professional services can help get you ready for the job you want, as well as line up interviews for you, offer training to improve your skills and help you work on personal development.

To locate a government-funded or private employment services provider near you, just search online for something like ‘employment services Australia’, or add in your home town or city.

#5 – Work Hard and Be Flexible

Working hard is a given if you hope to keep your job long-term. No employer likes a lazy employee. Don’t just do the bare minimum that you think you can get away with. Put the effort in and look like the impressive worker you are.

There might be times when you need your boss to be flexible to suit your circumstances. This has to work both ways. Sometimes you might be required to do something above and beyond the call of duty. Don’t always resist this, as you never know when you’ll need your employer to return the favour.

In Conclusion

If you follow the advice in this article and discover more ways you can become a better employee, there’s no reason why you won’t be able to hold onto a job once you find one.