How to Make Money on YouTube: Tips and Guides

How to Make Money on YouTube

YouTube is the giant of the marketing industry. It is almost as old as the Internet itself, and it does not lose its relevance and audience. 

Despite the development of video formats in most social networks and the rapid growth of applications for short music videos, the platform continues to attract viewers and businesses worldwide. 

YouTube is used by 1.9 billion people in the world, and more than 60% of companies use it as a channel for publishing video content, sharing product reviews, and actively communicating with users in the comments.

Become a YouTube Partner

How to become a YouTube partner? 

First of all, you need to create your own YouTube channel, publish your videos on it and then monetize it. If you have only one or two videos uploaded, your chances of becoming a partner are very low, even if your video has become viral. 

YouTube is looking for people who plan to work with it for a long time. The more regularly and often you upload new videos, the better. Those who add new videos every day will be more likely to become a YouTube partner. 

Before applying for a YouTube partnership, make sure you have at least 50 uploaded videos. 

You can become a YouTube partner through a direct partner program and connection with Google AdSense or a connection to the media network.

Start a Channel

Starting your channel consists of three simple steps:

  • Sign up for YouTube.
  • Consider your channel design.
  • Upload the first video.

The service offers various tools for editing channel video and sound, a built-in library of free music and sound effects, as well as mechanisms for analytics and promotion. 

YouTube is also suitable for a live stream. To do this, just go through verification.  You can start broadcasting in two clicks and will have access to video and audio settings, tools for monetization and communication with the subscribers. 

When creating a YouTube channel, pay special attention to its design. Try to briefly describe what your channel is about; add a unique visual design and try to adhere to your own style in all elements including video covers, etc.

Pass YouTube Partner Program Requirements

The YouTube Partner Program allows users to take advantage of the platform’s advanced features and possibilities.

Your channel should comply with the following requirements:

  • Make sure your channel complies with the platform’s policies. Only YouTubers whose channels have been verified can participate in it.
  • Make sure that your channel has at least 1000 subscribers, and your videos have 4000 hours of viewing. If you have reached the desired indicators, this means that you already have a certain amount of content. If your channel hasn’t reached the required parameters, you can buy views.
  • Accept the terms of the Program.
  • Link your AdSense account to the channel. This is necessary to receive payments from YouTube. You can use an existing approved AdSense account or create a new one. You can associate any number of channels with one account. Follow our instructions below to create a new AdSense account.

Set up an AdSense Account

You need to create an AdSense Account through YouTube, but don’t use

Sign in to your platform’s account, visit, and follow the instructions to set up your connection with AdSense.

Confirm that you would like to link accounts. Fill in your contact details and apply an application to connect an AdSense account. You’ll be redirected to YouTube and you’ll see a message stating that your AdSense account has been linked.

A confirmation email will be sent to your email address, and the identifier will be updated.

Try to Sell your Merchandise

The most common merchandise is clothing like T-shirts, sweatshirts, bags, caps, caps, gadgets, bandanas and souvenirs (mugs, badges, mouse pads, or notebooks). 

You can sell your products or your partners’ merchandise via an online store, social media or YouTube.

  • Decide which products you want to sell. Choose what is relevant to your target audience.
  • Think of what will be depicted on your merch. It can be a logo, a photo or a print.
  • Order an image layout from the designer and order the first batch.
  • Advertise your brand and develop it.
  • Analyze your income and update marketing strategy and campaigns, if necessary.

Make Sponsored Content

Try to find YouTube partners and brands and agree on the sponsored content. 

It should be entertaining and informative. It should change the attitude of the public to the brand to a more positive one. 

For example, you can exchange posts with related groups or groups in which your target audience may be. Their engaged audience views your content, and yours views their videos. It also can be subscriptions, likes, reposts, and comments.

Accept Donations

YouTube also offers tools to collect and accept donations. Thanks to them, you can support numerous non-profit organizations via the Creative Studio. 

After you create a fundraising campaign and include it in your videos or broadcasts, the “Donate” button will appear on the pages, and the viewers will be able to transfer funds.

Use Crowdfunding for Cool Projects

Crowdfunding is a way to raise funds for a project or in your business using special Internet sites. You can borrow money, exchange it for a share of your future profit, or even get it for free. In all cases, it is not the bank or the state that issues them, but other people or companies. 


You will need to collaborate with an intermediary website where potential investors meet with those who need money. And in order not to run into scammers, you need to carefully analyze the crowdfunding sites. 


You can try such popular reliable platforms as Patreon, Ulule, Kickstarter or CircleUp.

Working with Brands as an Affiliate

Work with affiliate programs, get a percentage of the revenue and place affiliate links in the description of the video or a stream.

As you can see, there are lots of ways to earn money on YouTube. All you need is to create your first video and upload it to the platform. Follow our tips and remember that practice makes perfect.

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