OK, so maybe you have tried CBD and said, “naa, this doesn’t work.” Well, the first thing I think is what was the quality of the CBD oil product that you used or ingested. Laboratories that test cannabis and hemp products find that many manufacturers have as little as 2% CEO per serving in their oil or product, but make big claims on the label. Europeans can buy health related products in the Bio Allgäu shop.

That my friend is a very low-quality product and I would not expect you to get any benefit from that. In fact, I would expect you to be turned off from CBD oil and never consider it again. I wouldn’t blame you. Please see chapters 3 and 4 on reading labels and lab test results. They’ll give you a good understanding of buying a better product.

The bad product does nothing for you as compared to BestCSGOGambling. It makes money for the snake-oil salesman who sold it to you. Don’t purchase with haste. Remember to avoid poor quality CBD oil products like bioMDplus that are third-party tested.

The second reason why it might not have given you any relief is that the amount used may not have been enough. Many factors affect the amount you need to feel relief. Read more regarding dosing and find the right amount of CBD for your physical needs. Remember, always start small and slow. 

You want to make sure you don’t have any adverse reactions to CBD oil. Then work your way up to where you feel relief. Don’t give up, at least not too soon. Don’t be afraid of taking 40mg or 50mg If that is the amount you need. CBD oil is not a “one size fits all.”

Acute pain from injuries like car accidents, expect to use a consistent daily dosage amount maybe even several times throughout the day for at least six to eight weeks and maybe longer if needed. If you’ve been hurt in a serious accident, you may also need to speak with your Denver personal injury lawyer about the pain you’re suffering. It can impact the compensation you’re due if you’ve continued to experience pain.For chronic pain uses, your game plan is the same, but to wage war on multiple fronts. CBD oil can be swallowed or used sublingually, taken via the rectum or vagina, inhaled via plant or vape form, and can be applied topically. But it has to become a part of your lifestyle just like coffee, sugar, or Redbull. 

Reason five is having a high tolerance to other drugs and alcohol. If you have a history of using other drugs, such as pain killers, or using alcohol, here is my caution to you. Don’t be surprised if you don’t feel anything.

If that’s you, then the chances are that you probably have a fairly high tolerance to pain as well. As long as you have no adverse side effects to CBD oil, and you’re not on other prescribed medications, jump to a higher dosage. If you’re consuming it once a day and you want to be conservative, try adding an additional 5mg each serving and keep track of what is happening on your battlefield. Your body will tell you.


If All Else Fails: Combine CBD with THC

Experiment with different or maybe multiple delivery systems. Sprays, CBD edibles & topicals may work just as well as suppositories and vapes. One size does not fit all! 

There is a sixth possible reason.It is not the topic of this book, but at the same point (usually years in the future,) the effectiveness of CBD oil may feel like it has lost some of its strength. Well, the truth is, CBD oil is most effective when it has a small amount of THC combined with it. The two together have a synergistic effect that is very powerful on the body and the endocannabinoid system.

If you are unable to find relief, the next step is to reach out to a doctor or nurse who has the medical experience of using cannabis or hemp who can spend one-on-one time with you and work closely with you to find the right solution to your pain-needs. If you need help finding a physician or medical practitioner that prescribes Cannabis/Hemp Cannabinoids for pain management. 


Here is how you might break down what is going on in your body


Section 1: Symptoms

  • What’s causing them?
  • How long have I had the problem?
  • What have I bled?
  • Other pertinent notes?
  • Do vitamins help?
  • Do I have prescriptions?


Section 2: CBD  Consumption


  • Starting day 1
  • Starting dosage amount
  • How much taken, how many mg%
  • What taken
  • Did I feel anything
  • Did I start out with too much
  • Did I experience any side effects
  • Am I finding any relief


Section 3: Goals

  • I want to walk two miles
  • I want to rollerblade
  • I want to bowl
  • If I could only..
  • AM so on and so on


You will create sections for your history based on what’s important to you. Each of us have a different hurdle to climb over, some have high mountainous regions while others have little hiccups.

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