Maybe you are the type of person who is tired of continuously hearing about all these new high tech innovations. But even then there is no way you can deny that there isn’t anything that is developing as rapidly as technology.  Remember, only two decades ago, the possibility of having wireless Internet access seemed like a fantasy. Let alone the idea of the Internet of Things. 

Nowadays, however,  we know that all these smart objects that surround us didn’t just pop out from some Back to the Future scene, but we can have them in our homes. According to the polls, more than a quarter of the households in the United States have some smart home technology.  And the estimates are that this number will grow to almost 50 percent by 2023. 


What About Smart Kitchen?

You are waking up panicked because you have to go once again through the notes for an important meeting. At the same time, you also have to make coffee, eat something, and do so many things. You start thinking about how it would be great to have some robot to do at least half of the stuff for you.  

Although we still haven’t got that far, there are the smart kitchen ideas that can make your life much more comfortable. One good example is a programmable coffee maker, but there are plenty of other gizmos out there.

The primary purpose of the smart kitchen is to enable us to save both energy and time.  This concept combines in the best possible way electronics, often eco-friendly elements and of course, the design.  

In terms of smart home, smart kitchen technology is maybe developing at the slowest pace. Probably the reason for this is that even without smart kitchen gadgets, it is, by all means, the smartest room in the house.  

The good news is that it is catching up, and we are happy to say many fantastic smart kitchen devices start to emerge in the market.

There are also a lot of companies like prestige smart kitchen from India that are starting to stand out as the leaders in smart home technology.

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We bet that when thinking about smart home technology, you didn’t have smart kitchen cabinets in mind. But these fantastic cabinets make an excellent addition to any smart kitchen. Not only because it becomes much more comfortable to organize your cooking space just how you want it, but they can also identify every product. They are equipped with sensors so that they can measure all groceries.  Wondering what this means? Well, if you say bought 3 kilograms of tomatoes and then took one kilo to make a salad, your smart cabinet will immediately inform you that you have 2 kg left. Because the jars that you keep inside are tagged with radio frequency identification, they will always be tracked and located. You can forget about spending half an hour each morning digging in the cupboard to find coffee.  


Smart Faucet

Life is full of surprises, isn’t it? Just about when you think that you’ve seen and heard all something wholly new and innovative pops up. If you think of yourself as of an environmentally conscious person, then you will appreciate having the possibility to install a smart touch kitchen faucet.  Faucet is one of the most used appliances in the kitchen. We use it for a myriad of things, from washing dishes and cooking to filling up glasses. This new wonder of a smart kitchen project enables you to activate water flow only when needed. This way, it is guaranteed that you have control over how much water you are using. Since it gets activated with a simple, gentle touch, it is effortless to use also. 


Smart Oven 

It is not said smart kitchen appliances the future of cooking without reason. Having a smart oven, for example, brings real joy even to the people who aren’t very passionate about food. Let’s say that you want to have freshly baked pastry for breakfast. But in the morning you probably don’t have time to turn on the oven, wait and check all the time if your food is ready. Well, when you have a smart oven, you can turn it on without even going to the kitchen, set how long you want your pastry to be baked, and calmly do other things before breakfast is made. Moreover, you can remotely check whether you turned the oven off after using it. It means that your days of constant worrying about causing a fire in the house because you left in a hurry are finally over.   

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Kitchen Sink

You are probably wondering how in the world can a kitchen sink be connected to technology. Well, it might sound funny, but even the sink can be improved to make our lives easier.  You know, for example, how complicated and frustrating it can be when you have to wash large pots and pans in a small sink. After you install a smart divide kitchen sink, you can forget about this problem because it gives you the possibility to wash larger objects without the problem.

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Smart Fridge

If you like watching TV mockumentary sitcom Modern Family, you probably saw the episode where the smart fridge Bridgette causes an argument between Mitch and Cam.  There are many jokes about intelligent kitchen appliances, but this shouldn’t be the reason for not getting them.  

Smart fridges are excellent, efficiently programmed appliances. Because they come with built-in cameras, you can check the content regardless of where you are. It means that you will never have to go through the suffering of returning a few times to the supermarket because you forgot something.


Conclusion: As you can see, there are a lot of smart kitchen designs that can improve not just your mornings, but also days in general.  It is essential to know that the project of a smart kitchen is critical for enjoying the future of smart and sustainable homes. Do you already have some smart devices in your kitchen? Or would you like to buy some? If you have some comments or ideas, feel free to contact us.

We are looking forward to hearing from you. 


Author’s bio: Lucas Cappel, an IT consultant, and professional interior designer. He also has a blog where he explains to people how they can benefit from investing in smart technologies. His dream is to travel around the world, so every free moment he spends traveling.