Getting a new roof is a big decision. It’s something you have to think through both in terms of investment and in terms of who you choose to do the job. While painting a fence or grooming the shrubs is something you can outsource to someone carelessly, getting a new roof is something that requires a lot more attention.

While we cannot tell you who you should work with, we can certainly help you figure out if you need a new roof for your home. Here are the top 4 signs that you need to change your roof!

Top 4 Signs You Need A New Roof

1) Damage Repair

Weather and time can do a lot of damage to your roof. This is true especially if you live in a stormy area. Storm damage the roof in numerous ways. For example, high winds can blow roof shingles off, allowing the water to pour through.

Another way storm can damage your roof is through tree branches that fall on your roof, damaging its structure.

2) Increase Your Home’s Worth

Sometimes the roof is in good condition, but it looks really bad. Maybe it’s very old, or perhaps it doesn’t work with the style of the rest of the house. In this case, as an owner you can make your house look a lot better and increase its value really easy: change the roof. There are numerous contractors out there who can help you get a new roof in Northville Michigan, such as Allpoint Construction.

All you need to do is figure out what your budget is, and give a few calls. In order to do this right, make sure the contractor is licensed for the job and has experience in the field.

3) Major Remodel Job

Remodeling your house is a good way of updating it. There are many things that change over the years. Maybe you want a more modern house, or maybe you simply wanted to give your home a different architectural style. Whatever the reason, a major remodel job is not finished without a new roof.

This is especially true if you added skylights or dormers. These type of changes to your roofline require a new roof as well. Instead of having a bizarre mix of old and new elements, simply opt for a new roof.

4) Worn Out Roofs

Manufacturers claim that your roof should last up to 30 years. That’s pretty great. However, there is a difference between something lasting for 30 years, and looking good for 30 years. Depending on how much you spent on your roof, things might look very worn out even after 10 years, epecially if you never take care of your chimney, for example with the help of this Chimney sweep in Reading company.

Just because your roof is still doing its job doesn’t mean it still looks good. Therefore, if your roof looks really old and its colors have vanished, you might want to consider replacing it.

So there you have it. The top 4 reasons why you should get a new roof. From weather and time damage to remodel jobs, changing the roof isn’t something easy or cheap. By vetting your contractors beforehand and setting a budget, you will make sure things will go smoothly.