How to Make Your Teenage Daughter Feel Special

Many parents who find it challenging to raise teenage daughters need to understand what they are going through. For girls, adolescent years come with a lot of new changes, both physically and emotionally. They have to be more conscious because their bodies begin to become the center of attention. They worry about whether they are too thin or overweight. They are concerned about how others see them. Things become even more complicated when they start noticing the opposite sex and are both eager and cautious about dating. These things are what teenage girls face and what their parents need to understand and be supportive of.

It is necessary to maintain a healthy balance when handling teenage girls. As a mother, you may be better equipped to deal with your daughter because you have been there before. Still, times are different, and what you went through may no longer be applicable. You can do things to show your daughter that you love her and that she is so precious to you. You could, out of the blue, buy her something she will treasure like a 10k gold name necklace to make her feel extra-special.

Here are a few suggestions that you could find useful.

Be sensitive about how she perceives her body

One of the biggest things that teenage girls struggle with is their bodies. With so many pictures and information about how a body should look, a teenager can be overwhelmed. Avoid talking to her about ways to lose weight or gain it. If you are into dieting, be sensitive about expressing your intentions in front of your teenager. This can make her feel insecure and could lead to low self-esteem. Instead, encourage the whole family to eat healthy with balanced meals for everyone to enjoy. Go running or walking together and talk about everything else but weight. Praise her often and make her feel better about herself.

Be firm but gentle

If your teenager is insistent on something that you feel is not good or safe for her, explain it as you would an adult. The days of “Because I said so” are over. Teenagers will question decisions made for them because they will always feel that they are old enough to know what they are doing. Tell them clearly why something is not supposed to be done, along with its repercussions. If they pick a fight, try your best not to indulge them. Instead, give them space to think it over. In the end, your teenager will realize certain things. They will also appreciate your concern for their well-being without verbalizing it.

Listen to them

If your teenager feels that you are not interested in what she has to say, she will confide in someone else who may not be the best person to talk to. During tough times, show her that you are ready to listen to whatever is bothering her. She may not be asking for advice but she will want to vent her feelings to someone who cares.

Your teenage daughter needs you now, more than ever. Be there for her and she will always look to you for love and support.