The Oculus Quest 2 is possibly the best VR headset in the market currently that comes with Oculus Quest 2 lenses. The original one was also impressive. It captured the attention of those gamers who wanted to play without being tied to their PC or Playstation. However, this successor is a step forward from the original one, thanks to its new, improved features. As usual, Oculus Quest 2 is a standalone and wireless headset. The first Oculus Quest is, however, no longer available since Quest 2 has eclipsed it completely. Moreover, all the distractive issues in Oculus have been addressed in the new version. 

Virtual Reality is certainly the option for most gamers right now, and thanks to Oculus Quest 2, this can be possible without any flaws. Whether you like video or casino games, you are certain to see a bunch of titles supporting VR on such platforms as Vulkan Vegas login.

The new headset comes with 6GB in total, an 1832×1920 display, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon XR2 chipset, and a 90Hz refresh rate. Additionally, it is lighter, and users can have a more immersive gaming experience. However, if you want to have the best gameplay, then you should also have the best games. If you wish to know what are the best games for the Oculus Quest 2, then read on. 

Vader Immortal

If you have ever wished or imagined yourself in the Star Wars world, then you can do so with Vader Immortal. Vader Immortal does not cover hours of episodes but is a short game that lasts slightly over 90 minutes. It comes with three narratives, which are all sold separately. The best part is that motion sickness is minimum in this game since you can select a destination and be teleported there. 

Beat Saber

This is a beat-matching game where your main goal is to swipe lightsaber-like gadgets through the flying blue and red blocks. Arrows will direct you in which direction you should slash the blocks. If you have played Fruit Ninja, then you already have enough skills on what is entailed in here. However, in this game, you should match the rhythm. 

A Fisherman’s Tale

Play the role of a lonely fisherman in this mind-blowing puzzle game. Your main goal in this title is to solve intricate puzzles. It is set in a miniature lighthouse, which within it has another smaller lighthouse. When you lift the roof of the lighthouse, you will find a smaller version of you. He will imitate your every move, but be careful not to harm yourself in your miniature version. 


This is a popular name among gamers and is one of the best online shooter games. Onward is mostly focused on reality, and therefore, the learning curve can be steep. Moreover, the game has lost some of its visual gloss on the Quest 2, but the gameplay can be very rewarding.


It is hard to end any review on the best VR games without listing Superhot. It remains to be one of the most powerful video shooter games in the market. The game is set in an all-white void, where red enemies with blank faces and polygonal shapes attack you. Besides, the best parts are that time in the game moves when you do. So the faster you move, the faster everything else around you moves. Moreover, you can dodge bullets in slow motion.

These are just some of the best games for Oculus Quest 2. It was really a hard choice coming up with these five since there are tons of other good games in the market. However, these can be great ones to start with.