Virtual phone numbers are numbers that utilize the internet to reach any location in the world for business purposes. But, because of the flexibility of these numbers, many people may wonder how they can better manage them for business purposes. In this article, we discuss the benefits of having a virtual business phone number and how to manage these numbers to create better business opportunities.

Giving Your Business Multiple Phone Lines with Virtual Phone Numbers

One of the many benefits of choosing virtual phone numbers is that you can have multiple phone numbers for your business. Certainly, you can keep the standard number your business already has. However, you can add more virtual phone numbers to take advantage of all the benefits. Many businesses want to invest in a number of phone lines because the benefits include:

  • Being able to track website marketing metrics by offering specific phone numbers only on your website.
  • Tracking other marketing metrics by utilizing a custom, temporary virtual business phone number.
  • A choice between local area code numbers for out of state/country calls and a wide variety of toll free numbers.
  • Combining business ventures in different locations with one network.
  • Organizing different aspects of the business (clientele types and projects) with different phone numbers.
  • Providing each employee with their own business phone number, making business-client relationships more personal and effective.


Other Benefits of Virtual Business Phone Numbers

While virtual business phone numbers provide the opportunity for businesses to operate utilizing a number of different phone numbers, there are other advantages of virtual phone numbers as well. Some of the other advantages of virtual phone numbers include:

  • They can work on a number of phone lines including VoIP systems and smartphone devices.
  • The opportunity to have a business phone number and personal phone number on the same phone.
  • They make organizing business easier.
  • Free to call for customers.
  • A wide selection of area codes to allow for better telemarketing lead generation.


Choosing how to Incorporate Virtual Phone Numbers into Business

Now that you’re aware of some of the benefits of having a virtual phone number, you can choose how to implement them into your business. Because there are so many ways to utilize virtual phone numbers in business settings, it’s important to identify how you’ll use them before purchasing yours. Ways virtual phone numbers can be used in a business setting include:

VoIP Systems: If you already have a VoIP system, you can purchase virtual numbers to connect with your current phone systems. And you can add features like simultaneous ringing, extensions, and customized greetings.

Mobile and Home Phones: Many people like to use virtual phone numbers to automatically forward calls to their mobile or home phones. Because a virtual number is basically an internet phone number, it can be programmed to forward to any type of phone line automatically. This allows for business calls while you’re at work, home, or on the go.

Virtual Phone Packages: If you have a big business with many employees, you may want to look into virtual phone packages. These packages allow for the customization of virtual phone services according to your business needs. You can combine a number of features, the number of extensions needed, and the necessary number of minutes all in one bundle. This can help you save both time and money each month.

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Virtual Phone Numbers for All Types of Business

Virtual phone numbers can be used in basically any business setting. Whether you have 5 employees or 100, these numbers can be utilized in many ways to increase your overall business value. If you’d like more information about how virtual phone numbers can help to increase your customer satisfaction and make business run smoother, contact United World Telecom today. We offer virtual phone numbers for all industries who use phones to do business.