Do you have any phone numbers memorized? If you do, perhaps they are numbers of childhood friends, your favorite local Chinese delivery, or even some of your closest family members. But, most likely, you don’t plug in every character of a number when you need to make a call. Certainly, you scroll through your contacts, look up numbers on Google, or even use your handy-dandy speed dial. But, what would you do if you didn’t have your smartphone on hand? When a phone number is an easy to remember business phone number, customers are more likely to remember your number. And, they may be better prepared to answer, return calls, and help your overall efforts with generating more business leads.

The Connection Between Numbers and Memory

We’ve been counting since we were toddlers. So, it’s inevitable that we remember sequences of numbers right off the bat. Furthermore, toll free numbers which include variations of lettering may be even more memorable. This is due to the fact that humans innately associate both numbers and letters with things they have experienced and know. So, when you see a phone number calling with a familiar pattern or a local area code, you may be more inclined to remember it.

Benefits of Memorable Business Phone Numbers

So, why is it so vital to utilize memorable business phone numbers in the workplace? Even though we have numerous technological outlets at our convenience, people still use the phone for business every day. And, will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Choosing to offer customizable, vanity virtual phone numbers can benefit both you and your customers by:

Being easy to remember for both parties which can translate to stronger business leads.
Highlighting your brand and professionalism.
Offering the choice of local and non-local area codes and toll free numbers in other countries.
Being the same price as a local call for your customers.

How to Choose a Business Phone Number People can Remember

Now that you understand how a memorable business phone number can help a lead generation business, you can decide on your vanity number. To get the best results from your customizable number, choose one that:

Can be easily remembered. Try using numbers that associate with letters of a phone keypad that connect with your business. For example, 1-800-MY PZZA for a pizza company named, “My Pizza.”
Can connect with brand efforts. Choose a number that clearly states what you do and/or how you can help your customers.
Is not already selected. While you may have a great idea for a memorable phone number, keep in mind that it may not be available.
Don’t mix numbers and letters. If you want to go the route of choosing numbers that associate with keypad letters, go all in. Don’t combine random numbers with your lettered numbers. For example, a number like, “856-TAXI”. Remember, people will remember sequences that they can relate to, so the “856” may be harder to remember.

Choosing Your Prefix and Area Code

Now that you’ve got an idea of what you want your number to look like, you can decide upon the prefix or area code. With toll free numbers, you have the standard 1-800 format, as well as five other 1-8 style format prefixes. With area codes, you can choose area codes that your customers may be most likely to remember. Ideally, this will be the area code they live in.

Closing: Global Call Forwarding for Your Memorable Business Phone Numbers

When you choose Global Call Forwarding for your memorable, customizable, vanity phone numbers, you have the option of choosing your own business phone number. This way, you can take advantage of all of the benefits of using memorable phone lines for yourself. You also gain the benefit of increasing the strength of your business sales leads. Additionally, you can choose between any of the toll free number prefixes and area codes from all over the world. Finally, our virtual phone numbers can be forwarded internationally to any phone (mobile or landline) or VoIP line. So, they are great for any type of business you may have, whether lead generation or otherwise. To learn more about our customizable vanity phone numbers and get a quote for your own, contact us today.