Are you having trouble motivating your kids to practice musical instruments at home? Do you want your kids to excel in musical instruments during Covid-19? Then, this post is just for you as it looks at how tadadaa instrument games can be used to motivate your kids to practice musical instruments at home during Covid-19 isolation. Having kids and motivating to focus on their musical instrument lessons is not an easy task. Kids know that the world has gone under lockdown and just want to be left alone. Hence, parents need to turn to Tadadaa instrument games to motivate their kids to start practicing musical instruments.

How Tadadaa Instrument Games Helps Motivates Kids?

Whether you want your child to practice playing the flute, the violin, or the cello, Tadadaa Instruments games makes it extremely fun for your kid to play these musical instruments. The idea behind the game was born by parents who had three kids and wanted each kid to play a different instrument. These instruments became part of the Tadadaa Instrument games. The thing about kids is that they love to play games and Tadadaa Instrument games are centered on that sheer desire of kids to play games.

Games That Teach Kids to Play Music

Tadadaa Instrument game is one of a kind platform as it teaches kids to play music. Kids get to try out various musical instruments as the platform supports the flute, violin, and cello. Since kids love playing games, the platform provides games that incorporate many music lessons that help them practice. There are various games that kids get to play and they can progress through different rounds to truly master their musical instruments. When parents first download the Tadadaa Instrument games app on their phone for their kids to play, they will quickly notice how fast their child learns to play the music instrument. Parents no longer need to worry about motivating their kids during Covid-19 isolation as the platform will keep their child motivated to play and learn the musical instrument at home.

Extremely Fun Platform

The best thing about Tadadaa Instrument games is the fact that it is an extremely fun platform. Kids do not look at the time when they play and learn how to play musical instruments using the app. The entire app interface is centered on games and making the experience as fun as possible. The secret to getting kids motivated to practice musical instruments at home is sheer fun and it is something that Tadadaa Instrument games excels at.

Easy Way for Kids to Master Musical Instruments

Getting your child to master a musical instrument is a huge achievement and Tadadaa Instrument games helps parents ensure that their child progresses through with flying colors. If you want your child to master a musical instrument during the pandemic, then, all you need to do is download the Tadadaa Instrument games on your smartphone or device. You will notice that once your child has tried the app, he or she will ask you to use the app again to learn the musical instrument. Tadadaa Instrument games are extremely fun and offer an easy way for kids to master musical instruments. Getting your kids to practice a musical instrument just got a lot easier with the app.

Although there are a few applications which teach kids how to play a piano, there are no apps which teach kids how to master several musical instruments like the flute, violin, or cello. Various ideas were tried before creating the perfect game for kids to play and learn how to master real instruments. The graphics of the game are attractive and will keep your child hooked to the lessons. It is all a parent could possibly wish for.

Awesome User Interface and Game Design

The user interface and game design of Tadadaa Instrument games are cohesive and intuitive. No matter how old your child might be, he or she will be able to easily use the app to practice playing musical instruments. Moreover, considerable research had been conducted on what worked best for the kids before the game was finalized. The bright colors, fine craftsmanship, and sanding paper used in the game make it extremely addictive. The game has been released during the perfect time as parents are stuck at home and want their kids to try out new things such as practice musical instruments at home.

Easy Steps to Set Up the Game

Bring more fun into your child’s life by downloading Tadadaa Instrument games on your smartphone or device. It is available for both android and apple users. The game can be downloaded for free and you can choose the plan which works best for you. Connect the tablet/ phone to the loudspeakers and hear the game feedback and metronome as your child plays the instrument of your choosing. Play exciting tunes and try out different exercises while receiving rewarding feedback that helps your child improve his or her musical instrument skills. Moreover, new games are added each week and they provide kids with fresh challenges to keep them practicing.

You can even connect your device to external loudspeakers for the best experience. It will make the entire practice session a lot more fun for your child and you as you can sit back and watch your child play. All you need to do is connect your device with a home audio system or Bluetooth speakers. The game will access the microphone and your child can start playing while the skills are graded and prompt feedback is provided. Furthermore, the app allows you to test the operation of the microphones and loudspeakers. The game offers two separate games which include the Prima Vista game that creates new exercises and the Melody game which consists of exercises covering classical pieces.


Make the most of the situation by motivating your kids to practice musical instruments at home using the Tadadaa Instrument games app. It is all you need to keep your child motivated and satisfied.