With the continued growth of the online gambling industry, players across the world are now enjoying a more varied, high-quality casino experience.

Unfortunately, online gambling remains outlawed in many countries and one of the largest of all is Germany, where operating an online casino is against the law. Luckily there are ways around this for German citizens who don’t want to miss out on the online gambling boom.

In this article, we will take a close look at how to pick a legitimate German online casino. We will look at the current state of gambling laws in the nation as well as the importance of spotting a rogue casino and how to find a legitimate option.

Online gambling laws in Germany

Choosing an online German casino can be a tough ask due to the nation’s complex regulations around gambling. At present, it is illegal for any company in Germany to operate as a licensed casino online.

Whilst this may sound like bad news for players, the fact is that placing bets online is not necessarily illegal and many players in Germany simply choose to play at foreign sites based in nations such as the UK and Malta.

One big problem that German players have is that they have no legal recourse in the event that a rogue casino fleeces them of their money.

Be sure to spot a rogue casino

Due to the uncertainty surrounding online gambling laws in Germany, the sector has become something of a wild west for companies and players alike. In fact, there are many rogue casinos in operation looking to cheat German players out of their money. This is because German citizens technically have no rights when it comes to online gambling, so rogue operators target them specifically. Rogue casinos often do not have licensing and use low-quality software from little known suppliers.

Finding a legitimate online casino

For German players more than anybody else, finding a legitimate online casino to play at is essential. Before signing up, it is essential to look for licensing and regulation, usually located in the About or FAQ section of an online casino. Another important aspect to look into is the gaming suppliers used by casino sites, with huge names such as NetEnt and Microgaming only lending their works to the most reputable casinos. It is important to look at a list of new reviews before choosing an online casino.

Overall, picking a legitimate German online casino is a way to ensure a fun and safe gambling experience. Remaining aware of rogue casinos is essential to German players who are an easy target for malevolent companies seeking to fleece players out of their winnings. By staying aware of software and licensing, German players can enjoy online gambling in much the same way as players from across the world. Whether it is table games, slots, live games or bingo, there are plenty of top online casinos available for German players to enjoy.