Hellooo Ottawa, John THE Plumber here! If you already know of Our Company, then you may well know that we have been serving our Nation’s Capital and its’ surrounding area for 15 years and counting. You might also know that we have expanded to areas of the GTA as well as parts of the 1000 Islands. But do you know everything that we, as plumbers are able to do for you? Plumbing issues aren’t something that only concerns washrooms; many hear the word plumber and only think about leaking toilets or frozen pipes –and we are so much more!

As the spring thaw approaches and we head towards the warmer seasons for 2020, we decided to create an awareness of Our Company and “All Things Plumber” so you truly know what we are capable of handling for you, be it residential or commercial.

  • Toilets & Drain Cleaning Services
  • Basement Floods & Sump Pumps
  • Pipes, Valves &BackFlow Prevention
  • Renovations & Plumbing Blueprints
  • HVAC Services
  • Pool Heaters & BBQ’s
  • About John THE Plumber


Toilets & Drain Cleaning Services

Our team of professionals have unclogged thousands of toilets and fixed the same amount of leaks. We have successfully installed new toilets, replaced older ones and repaired toilets that were running non- stop.

We provide top drain cleaning services; our Ottawa Plumbers are skilled in assessing the type of clog you have and which tool is best used to clear your drain without causing any damage to your pipes. We have received much positive feedback since we have introduced Hydro Jetting to our arsenal of blockage breaking tools; this powerful pipe washer in combination with a camera visual pre and post procedure has produced squeaky clean pipes!  This service provides our customers with peace of mind knowing that their pipes are clean and that they will not need to call us back anytime soon – that’s big savings in the long run!


Basement Floods & Sump Pumps

There are several things that can cause a homeowner to panic, and the basement flooding is definitely one of them. Our Company offers emergency services 24/7; our vans will fly to your home to provide aid and relief! We often work alongside other trades so if you require a restoration company to arrive first to drain excess water from your basement, we can provide a reputable contact for you.  Once all excess water has been drained, we can determined the cause of your flood and fix the issue be it a blocked main drain, a burst pipe, or failed weeping tile.

We repair sump pumps that have stopped working as well as install new ones should you require. We can also put you in touch with a reputable foundation company should your flood be due to structural issues. No panic on our end; we’ve seen it all a hundred times and we know how to help you quickly and efficiently.


Pipes, Valves &BackFlow Prevention:

Be it pipes that froze during one of our harsh Ottawa storms, or even worse burst, we can take care of your situation. This is unfortunately a common occurrence here in the Ottawa Valley, but the good news is we are now old hand at addressing this type of issue and getting your pipes up and running again. We have thawed out pipes, repaired the ones that have sprung leaks or replaced them entirely.

We offer advice while we are onsite if we can to help you avoid another situation such as this, and while we are there we will ask if you do seasonal prep work to get your home through the year without incident. We have demonstrated many times where ones pipes lead to and which ones to turn off and on as the season’s change, along with draining your hose bibs to ensure your pipes don’t incur problems from residual water that will freeze.

Something else we are quite proud of is the amount of people we have aided concerning the City of Ottawa’s Backflow Prevention Program. This program was laid out by the City in 2018, mandating that all home and business owners comply in an effort to keep our drinking water supply clean and safe. Over the past two years we have inspected many properties to ensure they are up to code, and installed backflow preventers as required. We at John THE Plumber are big on safety for everyone and are very pleased with the aid we have successfully provided on this front.


Renovations & Plumbing Blueprints

What’s that you say? Plumbers and Renovations – whaaat? We are one of those trades in the background that are critical as we direct you as to how your new pretty bathroom or kitchen is going to function properly. When you are drawing up your blueprints for your new build or renovations, having a plumber tell you where your pipes should go and how they will work best will save you loads of time and money down the road. A professional opinion will alleviate errors that can be quite sizable and cause you to have to break down walls and start all over.


HVAC Services

See? We’re not all about Toilet and Pipes! John THE Plumber Ottawa carries a team of licensed specialists who are able to come and service your HVAC needs. We have installed, repaired and replaced old water heater tanks, and have installed many tankless water heaters as well. We have provided many service calls concerning furnace pilot lights that won’t ignite, and replaced the furnaces that have had their day. We have installed venting for better heat circulation as well as installed and replaced air conditioners as well. So if you’re having an issue with your toilet and your heating just make the one call to us- we can take care of it all!


Pool Heaters & BBQ’s

Now what could a plumber have to do with my pool or BBQ you ask? Plenty! If you are installing a pool heater with your new pool or a stationary BBQ, you will have gas lines running. John THE Plumber Ottawa holds a gas license and again, has a team of trained professionals who are able to competently and safely install your new summer toys.


About John THE Plumber

Our Company interviews our plumbers carefully and thoroughly; John himself seeks out the best of the best! Our Plumbers are professionals; they possess all the necessary certifications, have long completed their pre-apprenticeship training program, have years of experience and are up to date on the most innovative tools in the industry. These gents are not only good listeners but they will also take the time to explain exactly what needs to be done and lay out all costs ahead of time – ZERO surpri$es come the end of a job!

John THE Plumber stands behind all of its’ workmanship; we provide the best warranty around – you won’t find better. Our plumbers all demonstrate a thorough understanding of the most current plumbing codes as well as health and safety standards. Our business has greatly expanded due to many positive referrals over the years; we have been grateful for your trust and take our customer service very seriously.

Don’t trust any Ol’ Plumber to look after your home and commercial needs – call John THE Plumber today! In many ways we are ‘one stop shopping’ – we guarantee you’ll be glad that you did!

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