A bed is a place where we can relax, get proper sleep, and become ready for tomorrow after long and often tiring today. Our pets can get pretty tired after playing, running, and exploring the world as well, so they also need a comfy and safe space where they can have rest. As a god owner, you should pick the best dog bed to help your pet sleep well – so it’s one of the first things a dog owner buys for their new friend.

But how to pick one? Modern pet shops offer hundreds of options of different sizes, shapes, materials, and prices. You should also take your pet’s personal needs into account: its age, breed, size, and sleeping habits matter a lot. If you’re just about to buy the best bed for your dog but feel a bit confused, then we’re ready to help. This check list can help you pick something that your pup will love!


Let’s speak about age and size of your pet friend

Large breeds have to sleep on large beds – that’s obvious, but even smaller or medium-sized breeds often love spacious beds where they can move and find the most comfy position. Smaller beds are great only for pups who love curling, but these beds still have to have a bit of extra space, so they can get comfortable. In fact, a mattress-like or donut-shaped one is the best bed for any dog, because it allows them to sleep in whatever pose they like.

Young puppies tend to stay small for not so long, so it’s reasonable to buy a bed that can suit them when they’re older. The best dog bed is long-lasting, so it’s a great investment: instead of buying multiple poor quality beds while your pet’s growing, you can buy a one good item from a shop like https://hunting-pony.com, and forget about this problem forever.

If your pet is pretty old, or have some health issues (or might have one later – because some breeds are more prone to some diseases), then you might need a special orthopedic bed for it. Some pups have scoliosis, or their joints hurt a lot, so they need something soft but supportive at the same time. The best bed for a dog with some health problems has memory foam inside – a material that reduces joints pain and helps your dog sleep well.

One more issue that younger and older dogs have in common is that they can have accidents from time to time. A huge soft bed is hard to wash regularly, so consider buying one made of water-resistant fabric, or one with a removable case. The best dog bed is a clean one, so you can buy two cases and change them for cleaning.


Good materials last longer

If your pet is a chewer or just loves tearing things apart, then you need an anti-vandal bed. Some fabrics are thick and extra-strong, and others might seem soft but are really hard to bite or damage. The best dog beds are made of water-resistant and anti-vandal fabrics that also don’t clog on pet fur, so it’s easy to keep nice and clean for a long time.

It also matters what’s inside a bed. The best dog beds have memory foam, or they are stuffed with cotton and polyester fiber: these materials are soft and bouncy, so it’s extremely comfortable to sleep on such beds. While leather dog couches might look extremely cute, they aren’t exactly anti-vandal in most cases, and it’s pretty hot to sleep on them in summer.


Pick the best shape

Different shapes of beds are meant for different sleep habits. Look at how your pet sleeps: starfish sleepers usually love plain mattress-like beds or donut-shaped beds with soft sides, curlers love burrows, caves, or donuts with higher sides. For most pets, donut beds with soft rounded sides are great, because they can use the sides as pillows and sleep in different positions on them.

If your pet often needs some personal space, or feels shy, then buy a burrow or a basket. They provide a nice level of privacy, and your dog can get there when it’s tired of guests and wants to be alone for a while.

Beds with flat or slightly curved surfaces are also nice for most pets. If your dog loves sleeping like a human and having a pillow under its head, then a mattress with a slightly higher side will be perfect for it.