If you want to remove negative articles from Google, then you have to the right place. Here is the ultimate guide to removing negative articles from Google.In the old days, it was easy to get rid of negative articles with the use of money to the newspaper reporting any negative press against an individual and even company.

Through the passage of time, we have become more accustomed to using the internet to search for results and do not rely on the newspaper. In the digital age of today, removing negative articles is not as easy as it seems due to range of the internet. News can be shared with millions around the around with the click of a button and it has become harder to remove negative articles from the internet.

Google is the place where we all search for results and that is why it is important to remove negative articles from googles. The internet is a place where whatever is posted will be there and techniques need to be employed to remove such negative articles which may damaged a person or company’s reputation and goodwill in the market.

When a newspaper website posts content which is hurtful and even defamatory towards you or your company, the legal process of getting it removed may take a while and the damage can already be done. It is important to find a solution to solve the problem rather instantly than to wait around for the court to make a decision. It is possible to remove the content from the newspaper website or a website which publishes defamatory content against you but it is even more important to remove the negative article from Google or push it down.


Remove Search Results

Remove search results with the best services out there. The search results might be bringing you down which is why it is important to hire the services of the best team out there who will have the search results removed in a short period of time.

Talk with one of the specialists who will protect your reputation as well increase sales through the process of having the negative search results removed. It is important to have sensitive or defamatory information removed. The team uses the best content removal applications to help remove the negative search results which may be bringing you down. Clients are given the best service to ensure that the search results are removed.


The Best way to Have the Negative Search Results Removed from the Internet and Google

It is necessary to first identify all the negative, libelous, inflammatory and defamatory content and understand all the content and language used according to Google’s Content and User Contribution Policy so as to be able to use the right techniques to have the articles removed from Google.

The next thing that needs to be done is have everything documented. In order to ensure that the documentation is complete, one needs to compile all the links of the websites which have shared the negative content, take screenshots of the articles published on the websites and to even have someone you trust create a supporting documentation compilation for better chances of success.


After you have studied Google’s Content and User Contribution            Policy and understand all the contents of the negative articles as per Google’s policy, it is time to contact Google or the organization that posted the negative content online and to request them to have the content removed as per Google’s policies.

Once you have informed Google or the organization which had posted the negative content, it is time to contact the best defamation company to handle the negative content and manage the contacting of Google or the organization for removing of the content, especially incase if it is not removed.

In case the article does not get removed from the search results from Google, one may have to request the publisher to have the negative article altered or modified to ensure that there is nothing defamatory in the article against your interests.

Contacting an experienced content removal company to remove negative content is compulsory to ensure that your rights are protected and that there are no articles on the internet which are defamatory towards you.


How to be sure that the Content published comes under defamatory laws?

It is important for you to identify that the content published is defamatory towards you before contacting the organization that published the defamatory content. Sometimes Google’s Content and User Contribution Policy might not contain all the necessary provisions which you need to know in order to ensure that negative content is removed. Here are some ways to determine that the content is negative and against your legitimate interests:

  • Read the content to check if it contains any information which may be defamatory, false, libelous and provides a wrong impression of what is said.
  • Check to ensure whether the content posted is old or new.
  • Check to ensure whether the information is inaccurate or misleading in any way.
  • Read to ensure if the content of the article asks for any offensive responses from readers.
  • Make sure that the organization published your name in the article has been written with or without your consent in order to profit from your name or the false news.
  • Next, check to make sure that the content of the article does not violate any existing trademark or copyright laws.
  • Read to ensure if the article contains any of your personal information such as your ID card details or debit card details or any sensitive information which is crucial to protect your identity from identity theft.
  • Finally, you need to check to which websites have published negative articles against your interests.

These are some of the ways to ensure that the content which has been published online is against your legal interests and that you have a right to sue or have the articles removed immediately.


Tips to Ensure that the Negative Article Need to be Removed

It is important to check the content which has been published by the website and to check if it is malicious or false as it will help you prove if the article is in fact malicious or false. In such a case, you will have a good chance of having the article removed, corrected or edited .

One should always contact the organization which had published the article to have it removed. Oftentimes, the organization might not even have policy for such case which is why it is important to contact an experienced content removal company.

As has been observed, organizations which post any false or malicious content tend to lose the most in case of a libel judgement when they had refused to make the changes as requested. This is one of the reasons why it is always a good idea to contact the organization or website to have the negative content removed.


Understand Google’s Content and User Contribution Policy

In order to better understand Google’s Content and User Contribution Policy, here is a guide to understanding Google’s policies when having to deal with the removal of negative articles. The policy has been designed to ensure that the below content is not published or is against the policy:

  • Content which is restricted: The policy provides the guidelines for ensuring that the post follows the prescribed guidelines and does not call for certain actions when it comes to purchasing goods or services from a certain person.
  • Spam Content: The policy provides a framework on how to deal with information such as posts, reviews and different types of contents, so as to ensure that there is a factual genuinity to the information. Content which has been duplicated through various accounts is not permitted and hence, is to be taken down.
  • Content of Illegal Nature: The policy states that content which shall include any pictures or information which infringes on another’s I.P.R. (Intellectual Property Rights) will not be tolerated. Further, any article which includes any type content such as sexual abuse, sale of organs, rape, sale of products made from endangered species of animals, trafficking of children or women, drugs which have been banned, drugs or medicines which have been barred for sale to the public, or content which promotes violence shall all be prohibited.
  • Content which is off-topic: Another form of spam or fake content, the off-topic content shall be removed for the lack of relevance as to the relation of the location and the subject.
  • Content which is sexually explicit: The content which is of sexually explicit nature or which exploits minors or has been presented as such shall be immediately removed as per the guideline.
  • Any form of Hate Speech: Content which has been written to condone a race, gender, age group, sexual orientation of a person and nationality are all prohibited from being published. Any form of hate speech which hurts the sensitivities of a person or a specific group of persons shall not be tolerated.
  • Content which impersonates a person or another company: Any content or article which falsely claims to belong to or relate to a person or another company with an intention to mislead and take and to profit from misleading the general public is prohibited from being published.
  • Bullying or harassment: Any form of harassment or use of speech to attack or bully any person shall not be tolerated and the content shall be immediately removed.
  • Content which is offensive: Any content which contains the use of obscene language or gestures so as to indicate obscenity is strictly prohibited and shall be removed.


Understand Your Rights

If any person or website falsely impersonates you, bullies you or posts content without your say is prohibited from being posted and hence, you have every right to report such content to safeguard your interests.

You should always react to such content and ensure that the negative content is removed. Using the services of a content removal company is important to ensure that your rights are protected. Choose the best company which has an experience with successfully removing such negative content.

One can sue for damages in case that the negative content causes stress, mental distress or even loss to that person.

The Google’s Content and User Contribution Policy is your best friend when it comes to understanding the type of content which has been published and in order to understand the actions which can be taken to have the content removed and to even claim damages for the loss incurred.


Remove Negative Articles

When you hire the services of a reputed content removal company, chances of having the negative articles removed from Google or the internet increase significantly.

It is important to understand that one should not tolerate such articles and serious actions need to be taken to ensure that such articles are removed and not posted online in the future.

An experienced content removal company will guide you through the entire process of having negative articles removed from Google and the internet. They know how to handle such issues and have a dedicated team who will take the matter into its hands. Any website which publishes defamatory content against your interests online should have to go through the legal process to help protect your rights.

The content removal company have a good chance of winning your case if you ever decide to sue which is  usually recommended in the case of losses due to the negative article which had been published online.

Contact the content removal company now to find out the options available to you. The team is highly professional and have experience in all sorts of defamatory cases. They will be glad to go through the entire process of legal actions with you. There is no need to worry when you have the best content removal content company at your disposal who are committed to ensuring that negative articles are not published.