In Bangkok, taxis are everywhere and they are an easy and convenient way of getting around. The fare typically starts at 35 baht for the first two kilometers. After that, the fare goes up 2 baht at a time (per kilometer). In traffic jams (when driving under 6km per hour), a surcharge of 1.25 baht per meter applies.


However, it can be hard to find a taxi that does the right thing and gets you to your destination, using a meter. Although the practice is often targeted at tourists, even locals have challenges when trying to catch a cab.

You will also struggle to hail Bangkok taxis when it rains or in rush hours

The bright-coloured taxis of Bangkok


Tips for Bangkok taxis – don’t be taken for a ride:

  1. Taxis unwilling to get you to your destination

This is the biggest challenge for everyone who uses taxis in Bangkok. A taxi driver may be unwilling to get you to your destination for two main reasons. The first reason is that the driver is near the end of the shift and your destination is too far away from the vehicle return location.

You can avoid this by pre-booking taxis like Thai Happy Taxi or seeking out yellow and green taxis which are privately owned.

The other reason why a taxi driver may avoid your destination is if the road there is too congested or if it’s too far off that the driver is unlikely to find a return fare to his operating area of Bangkok.


  1. Taxis not using a meter

There is a law that requires taxi drivers to use a meter. But as a tourist, you’re likely to encounter drivers who outright refuse to use a meter and refuse to go unless you agree on an inflated fare.


  1. Detours that cost more

Often, when tourists ask taxi drivers to take a detour to a destination, the driver takes the longest route, bringing the fare to a higher level than the tourist anticipated.


  1. Shopping scams

Sometimes the taxi driver we insist to take the passengers to a shop – jewelry, tailor, or some attractions. They get Commission from the shop so you have to be careful. Most of the times you’ll be better off to decline because the price will be inflated. If you are already interested in buying this kind of stuff you better do some research beforehand so you know what you want and a price range that you are willing to pay.


toyota camry

Many of the private transfer cars in Bangkok is Toyota Camry


So how do you avoid taxi problem while in Bangkok? The golden rule number 1 is, always go for taxis that use a meter. But even that sometimes you don’t want to be on the Curb hailing a cab. If you prefer convenience and punctuality, consider to book Bangkok taxi service with Thai Happy Taxi. It’s a reliable pre-booking private transfer services and is the smartest way of going about it. This is especially true if you need an airport transfer to central Bangkok, or if you need a connection to nearby cities like Pattaya and Hua Hin. The price is low and the company is really reliable.


by Ann Maina