How To Slim Your Arms

The skin is part of our identity, it is the reflection of an optimal state of health. Food, rest, exercise and even mental health are evident in the state of the skin. The elasticity of the skin depends on the level of collagen and elastin. The answer to the question how to slim down the arms is related to a reality that the human being lives, with the advance of the age the collagen does not regenerate and it is lost, besides that the one that remains in the skin is hardened losing the elasticity which generates flaccidity in the skin and wrinkles.

The skin dresses us, protects us, covers us from the bad weather, but it is also a continent within which all the systems that make us human beings are protected. Its general structure is summarized in dermis and epidermis, being the last one the layer that is exposed to the environment, where diverse biochemical structures coexist that provide sensations of cold, heat, textures and pressure called corpuscles. In addition to serving as a barrier and regulator, the skin is responsible for producing vitamin D, which has the function of allowing the absorption of calcium and phosphorus.

Our foods are the source of nutrients that allow the proper functioning of the body, the skin is nourished by lipids to maintain its moisture level, these are formed chemically in the liver which then distributes them through the bloodstream forming subcutaneous fat under the skin. Its function besides controlling humidity is to regulate the temperature as it generates heat to the body. The consequence of decreased lipids is dryness and weakness due to thinning of the lipids.

The flaccidity is then a normal consequence of the very common age at the end of the thirty years, however, it can also be caused by other circumstances, the most common ones being sudden changes in weight, pregnancy, sedentary life, smoking, excessive exposure to the sun and poor nutrition among others.



Modern nutritional research and skin biochemistry studies have yielded a number of suggestions that can be followed to prevent the appearance of flaccidity in the skin of the arms. You may not need to ask yourself how you slim your arms if the following recommendations are taken into account. One of the first measures to follow is related to hydration, consuming at least two litres of water a day will provide the epidermis with the necessary moisture to promote its elastic capacity.

Eating a diet rich in protein, green fruits and vegetables helps maintain skin. Protein foods such as red meat, eggs, dairy products, legumes and nuts strengthen the formation and regeneration of the skin. Elastin levels increase when eating leafy fruits and vegetables such as mango, cucumber, tomato, spinach, grapefruit, watermelon, and coconut.

Smoking is another habit that harms the skin, so quitting or reducing it as much as possible will help prevent flaccidity of the arms. Another of the recommendations refers to the practice of physical exercises that involve the effort of the muscles of the arms, swimming and weight routines help but other types of activities such as dance therapy and cycling also help with muscle toning. Finally, an ideal habit for all skin in general is to avoid overexposure to the sun.

Taking into account these recommendations reduces the probability of suffering from spleen flaccidity and the rest of the body’s skin will be equally favored, delaying the effects of aging.



Below we present different procedures that can be used to reduce flaccidity in the arms and thus achieve weight loss.



It is a method of modern medicine that offers the possibility of simulating the effect of physical exercise on muscles through the application of electric current sent to the muscle receptors to order them to contract. Its efficiency has been proven and to guarantee it, ten or more sessions are suggested with subsequent repetitions for maintenance.



It consists of the injection of substances at the border between the dermis and the epidermis that modify the storage of fat, releasing it; in addition, the application of vitamins and amino acids tones the skin. When lipolytic mediations are added, adipose tissues are reduced. It is considered a long-lasting treatment as long as at least ten sessions are completed and the maintenance is done later.



This treatment applies heat to the skin of the arms by stimulating the collagen fibers to shrink and increase the firmness of the skin. In addition to this effect, the increase in temperature causes the release of toxins and gauze, which allows new collagen fibers to form. Once the five sessions are over, it is a good idea to carry out other maintenance sessions every two months.



Physical activity is the ideal treatment to solve the problem of how to lose weight in your arms. Generally, it is recommended to use dumbbells or weights with short routines and little effort, since the idea is to reduce and tone and not to increase muscle mass. Combining the exercises below with a balanced diet and plenty of hydration is sure to reduce the size of your arms.


– Exercise 1: Strengthening the biceps

Use two half-litre bottles filled with water, take one in each hand, bring them close to your neck by bending your elbows. Extend the elbow until you get a 90-degree angle. It should be repeated 15 times, and completed 4 sessions with 2-minute intervals of relaxation.


– Exercise 2: Strengthening Triceps.

The preparation is the same as the previous exercise, two half-litre bottles filled with water, the arms are stretched upwards, bringing the elbows closer to the ears. You should bend your elbows by tucking your arms back and returning to the extended position. It is repeated 15 times in four sessions that are done two minutes apart.


– Exercise 3: Triceps Funding.

Place a chair against the wall and sit on the floor with your back against the seat of the chair. Rest your hands on the seat by bending your elbows and push upward by stretching your elbows, lifting your body off the floor and lowering again. Keep your legs straight during exercise. Repeat 5 times and complete 4 sessions with 5 minute rest intervals.


Don’t hesitate, eat well, drink water and exercise your muscles.

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