Do you know what credit score you have? If not, you should check it since a credit score determines your creditworthiness. It’s a kind of report with all the information about your payment history, debt, the length of your credit history, and any credits you have ever taken. Banks and credit card companies need such a thing to evaluate the potential risk resulting from lending you money and potential losses due to bad debt. But what to do if your credit score is bad and you need to get car insurance or rent a flat? Many people can ask themselves a similar question. However, there are some methods for resolving this problem.


A co-signer

Generally, living without the credit is possible, but only when you can pay for everything in cash, including more expensive possessions, such as cars and homes. If it happens to you that you have a bad credit score or you don’t have any credit history, but you’d like to buy, for example, a phone, you may need the so-called co-signer. It is a person who has a good credit score and can sign for you. Only then will you be able to move any plans into your own name.


Find a proper lender

Having a bad credit score isn’t the end of the world. You can survive thanks to lenders who specifically target people like you. They will give you a loan, but usually with a higher than the average interest rate. Thus, take only how much money as you need so that you could repay it in the foreseeable future. In the case of any further worries about how to live with a bad credit score, you can familiarise yourself with this straightforward infographic, provided by