Tattoos are used in recent years with increasing frequency to decorate the body. In contrast to simple jewellery, tattoos decorate the body permanently and especially during the healing phase, need conscientious care.

A fresh tattoo is an open wound. It needs special protection. During this time, especially the body image must be protected from infection and inflammation. Consistent aftercare reduces the risk of scarring and prevents colour particles from getting out of the skin during healing. Good care not only supports a healthy tattoo with rapid healing process, but also ensures that the colors on the skin can really shine.

How to take care of a fresh tattoo?

Each of us before leaving the tattoo studio will surely receive a few tips for tattoo care. However, it is worth remembering and emphasizing these tips, because they are extremely important. Before returning home it is worth to get a suitable ointment, such as Bepanthen or Alantan, food foil, paper towel and gray soap.

Care during the first few days

Our tattoo care begins shortly after removing the foil, which was put on by the tattoo artist. It should be done about 3-4 hours after its application. New decoration on our body must be then rinsed with cool water using gray soap (there may also be a liquid for intimate hygiene). Dry the tattoo with a paper towel and gently press it on the surface of the skin. It is not recommended to wipe or use ordinary towels, as the wound can be irritated and lead to infection. Paper towels used once will guarantee hygiene for irritated skin. Then apply a thin layer of ointment to the dried tattoo. It can also be gently applied, but the layer should be left on the skin. After such procedures, re-wrap the tattoo with foil, glue its edges with adhesive tape and leave for a few hours. Tattoo artists from Bad Vilbel Tattoo Studio recommend to perform this ritual several times (preferably every four hours), and the night should not leave it for more than 6 hours. It is also important to put a piece of paper towel under the foil, which will absorb the blood plasma well. This should be done for two days.

On the third day, it is not necessary to put on a freshly washed and greased tattooed foil, because from that point on the wound will heal best with the access of air. Of course, do not cover it with any clothes, so as not to irritate the skin and not to cause infection. For the next three weeks we do not have to wash the tattoo so often, but remember that the skin in this place must be treated with special care. The skin from the tattooed layer will descend and we will have the tattoo in the right form. Sometimes corrections are necessary, because some skin types reject pigments. This is a normal process and the tattoo studio provides the corrections for free.

Fresh tattoo and everyday life

We already know how to take care of a tattoo when it comes to caring for it during the first days and weeks. However, it is important to follow other very important rules, so that the tattoo retains its original appearance for a long time. First of all, avoid exposing the tattoo to the sun – not only at the beginning, but also every summer, protect it from the sun and lubricate with sunscreen creams. Secondly, for the first three weeks you should not drink alcohol either – this is a guarantee of good tattoo healing. Thirdly, avoid bathing for about 2-3 weeks, as this wound should not be soaked for too long, so a quick shower must be enough. And fourthly – if scabs appear, they should not be scraped off, but softened by the use of wraps and lubrication. The skin will certainly itch, but we must overcome it in the name of a higher idea – having a nice tattoo for many years, and even for life.

Taking care of your tattoo at night – never sleep on a new tattoo

This can be particularly difficult if the tattoo is applied to a part of the body on which we often lie, such as the hand or back. A fresh tattoo should not be pressed down, especially on bedding. The tattoo should not be overheated and should always have access to fresh air.

How do I care for my tattoo at night? – No animals

Pets should not be able to sleep in bed until the tattoo has healed. The obvious reason for this is cleanliness and protection against bacteria that can be worn by pets. But besides that, it’s also worth remembering that blood is coming out of the fresh tattoo. Your pet may try to lick it at night.