Have you ever considered getting a tummy tuck? Perhaps you saw a friend that got one but it’s way too expensive for you to get one right now. Although there are more reasons than just that, getting a tummy tuck in Dubai may be the answer you are looking for. Our experts are here to talk to you about the benefits from getting a tummy tuck abroad. After you read these, you may be finally considering the procedure you have always wanted. Keep reading to learn more.


It’s first important to know a little bit more about plastic surgery. Although this article is directed at the benefits of a tummy tuck abroad, getting a tummy tuck is not the only option there is. Today, there are many options to erase the imperfections on the body as much as we can. You can erase smile lines that have aged you, get your body back to what it looked like before you had kids, tighten your face or stomach, and many more surgical options.


The main reason why people take their treatment abroad is because they want to save money. Although the American healthcare system is good, it is also very expensive. Medical tourism has become a great way to get a procedure complete that is a bargain compared to the city they are currently living in. This is especially true if they can relax in a beautiful new country while healing. Yes, it is even cheaper when you include things like flights and hotels.

By going overseas for your tummy tuck or other surgical procedures, you can end up saving 40-80% on the procedure depending on which country you travel to. There are many different countries that are popular for medical tourism. Some of these include Dubai, Russia, Argentina, India, and more.


Medical tourism has become more and more popular. In fact, 15-25% take their plastic surgery outside of the United States. This number also proves to us how popular it is to do so. Women typically will travel abroad for procedures, like breast augmentation, liposuction, eyelid, rhinoplasty, tummy tuck, and finally breast lift. Women are not the only ones getting plastic surgery abroad performed however. Men are heading abroad too. Of those people that are going abroad, 13% of them are men.


With this said, there can be drawbacks to heading abroad for your plastic surgery. This is especially true if you simply are trying to find the cheapest country and the cheapest doctors. That is why if you are serious about taking your tummy tuck abroad, you should do your research still. Just as you would if you were living in the United States.


The first step should be to go to the USAPS website. This will list 103 countries and which doctors are board-certified plastic surgeons. Right now, they have 3200 listed. Once you have this you can search by country and start looking into your options.


You then will want to do more research. See if they have a website online. This will allow you to learn more about the company, the doctor, and their methods. If it is not in English, they may not deal with tourists very much as you may want to go elsewhere. At the very worst, you want to make sure that the doctor can speak english. This will allow you to feel more comfortable and that you can ask any questions along the way that you need to. It’s important that you can call or see on their website that they have a lot of training in the exact procedure that you are looking to have complete. This as well as non surgical aesthetic produces. You want to ensure they are a member of the plastic surgery society. Finally, you want to be able to see where they were certified and that you are able to see their completion certification. If the business and the doctors has all of these things, you may be in for a great deal!

As you can see, a tummy tuck abroad will not only give you the results you are looking for but will have even more benefits that getting it down in North America. If you are interested in learning more, we will be happy to answer all of your questions. Give us a call today. We look forward to hearing from you.